Book Launching- Hit the Podium


Book Launching: HIT THE PODIUM

University of the Philippines

17 July 1999


‘’He who will not reason is a bigot; he who cannot, is a fool; and he who dares not, is a slave.’’ Reasoning or the ability to reason out is perhaps one of the most important virtues to man. What good are our noble ideas if we not have the ability to voice these out. Our country will not be the same if Dr. Jose Rizal wasn’t able to articulate his feeling through his novels; democracy would still be asleep had not Ninoy Aquino woke up the minds and hearts of the masses through his rousing speeches and argumentations; and the economy would have not seen a light at the end of the tunnel had not ex-President Fidel V. Ramos open the windows of global economic opportunities through his diplomatic efforts in international negotiation.


My acquaintances and friends know very well that I am a man of few words. This is perhaps the reason why I retorted to publishing for through it I may be able to express my thoughts in a special way. Because I am a believer of the power and the freedom of expression, the art of debate and reasoning had always been a subject of my interest. This is why I am personally delighted that REX Book Store, Inc. is able to produce an excellent book on the subject of debate.


I also believe that we have gathered in this venue today not by chance but by destiny. Where else is it more appropriate to launch a book on argumentation than in this University. The University of the Philippines is known as a breeding ground of free spirits who can voice out their sentiments unrestrained whether these be profitable to society or not. And today, two more voices from this esteemed institution will be heard through their book which we are launching tonight.


It is our privilege to have two new budding authors into our pool of excellent writers. They are Mr. Jonathan Malaya and Mr. ArnellUychocoo. In a portion of their book’s preliminary pages, these two rookie writers seem to be apologetic of their youthfulness when this is in fact one of their strengths. Aren’t the youth the hope of this nation? You are our hope and if you continue to trek on this path of excellence, we can see that we have a bright future ahead.


Hit the Podium. An attractive title which we hope could catch the attention of Filipino students and teachers nationwide. This primer on debate will be packaged as a textbook for the secondary level and a reference for the tertiary. We hope that every student in the country could get a hold of this book. We at REX Book Store believe that Hit the Podium can help in the total development of the Filipino youth and could train them not only as master debaters but most importantly as fulfilled persons who will not be intimidated by anything or anyone but instead shall be fluent in the expression of novel thoughts and ideas.


To Mr. Malay and Mr. Uychoco, congratulations and thank you for choosing REX Book Store to work with you. Ours is a partnership which I hope would last for a long time. More power to you.


Lastly, as the President of REX Book Store, Inc., and Executive Vice President of REX Group of Companies, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you our two newest writers, Mr. Malaya and Mr. Uychoco and one of our newest excellent titles, HIT THE PODIUM.


Thank you and good evening.

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