Inspirational Talk – Retro Concert


(Retro Concert, 8:00 PM, August 17, 2002)

Ladies and gentlemen …


What better way can we celebrate life than to do it with music? Tonight we are here to look back and see how life has been good to us, and how music has carried us through all these years. It’s always a wonderful opportunity to watch a concert and for a moment forget about our back-breaking work, our business transactions, and corporate activities, and to simply enjoy the gift of music.


We have with us tonight one of the finest bands when it comes to retro music. I’m quite sure we all can’t wait to listen to tunes that make us remember those years when we were young, romantic, and full of life. Not that we are not romantic and full of life today, but it was a lot different 20-30 years ago, when we were still free from the burdens of parenthood and corporate rhetorics.


Ladies and gentlemen, I’m happy to announce that the fun and music this night offers is not simply for self-indulgence and relaxation. It is for a cause. Since this concert is made possible by the creative efforts of Rex Oasis of Arts and Culture Foundation, parts of the proceeds will be donated to the Good Samaritan Foundation for the Disadvantaged. As we enjoy in the delight of retro music, let us be double delighted that we are helping our less privileged brothers.


The Rex Oasis of Arts and Culture Foundation or ROAC, seeks to help the Filipino youth in achieving great things in the proliferation of arts and culture in our country. It sponsors, initiates, and supports activities that enhance Philippine arts and culture. On behalf of ROAC, I would like to thank all of you for gracing this occasion, and I pray that we may truly be proponents of Philippine culture and art.


Ladies and gentlemen, sit back and enjoy the music as the Bedroom Boys takes us to a journey back in time. Good evening.

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