During my first visit to Java, I am reminded of our visit to Jakarta, Solo, Bandung, Surabaya etc. We saw many uphill tea plantations, the art of making batik, the playing of gamelan, etc.

I am reminded also that we had to wake up early in the morning to climb and see the sunrise and its consequent reflections. on the scenic Mount Bromo. Thereafter, we rode on horses to go downwards.

During nighttime in Solo, we saw the shadow puppet performances behind white coverings. It was explained that it is so because images are prohibited from being shown by their religions, be it Muslim or Hinduism.

During our second visit we went to Yogyakarta to see the World Heritage site of Borrobodur and Prudbunan which are influenced respectively by Buddishm and Hinduism.

Our third visit was an offshoot of an invitation to attend the Asia Pacific Publishers Association (APPA) General Assembly in Bali. The itinerary was to see the Book Town in Yogyakata. We failed to see the same because of the eruption of Mount Merapi

It is possible also that I have been to Jakarta at least ten (10) times including stopovers to other destinations in Indonesia.

I feel at home visiting Indonesia not only by reason of the many travel destinations multiplicity of cultures etc. but because the physical features, ways, demeanors, idiosyncrasies of Filipinos and Indonesians are basically the same except for language, dominant religion and colonizers. The countries are also both archipelagic.

Thank you Lord for all these wonderful travels.

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