Last July, we proceeded to Amman, Jordan passing through Dubai.  We stayed at the Canyon Botique Hotel.  It’s a small ultra modern hotel  where dining room is called Eden and to symbolize the picture of  James Dean (the actor of the movie “East of Eden”) is featured in the  brochures and other paraphernalia of the hotel.


We were treated for a sumptuous lunch upon arrival by Kahlem, our host.  Thereafter, we transacted business.  Thereafter we were brought to the Roman amphitheatre and ruins.  We visited the downtown area comprising of many stores openly spread selling  merchandise unlike in Syria  and other Arab countries where they sell their wares through the souks.


On the following day we proceeded to Petra which is a World Heritage site.  It took us three hours to reach our destination.  I got uncomfortable  when our guide along the way told us not to tell anybody  that he is a guide.  I posed the following questions to myself: “Is he a colorum?” “ Why is our host doing this to us?”


Notwithstanding the discomfort, we proceeded and decided to ride the cart through the SIQ, the long, dramatic chasm that links the ancient city with the outside world.


We disembarked at the Treasury, which is the most photographed sight in Petra.


We passed through the colonnaded street and saw among others the urn tomb until we finally reached the Nabataean Museum.


At this point in  time, my negative apprehension  on the capability of the guide to effectively explain the place was reversed to appreciation   because of his detailed knowledge of the place and care for my aging self.


I learned that the  purpose of his request was for  him not to pay taxes. I learned also of his potential because he was being groomed to be the manager of the five-star Hyatt Hotel.


Upon returning back we visited the Court and the Great Temple.


On the following day we visited the Dead Sea which is my second  time to do so, the first being at the Israel side.  It was extraordinarily hot.  It is 65 kilometers long and from 6 kilometers to 18 kilometers wide.


In retrospect, because of its magnitude, Petra is justified  to be called one of the few wonders of the world.


Thank you Lord for this wonderful trip and the business generated.

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