The elevated setting in Ladakh similar to that is Tibet.  It is bordered in the Southwest by the great Himalaya Range including the impressive peak of Nun (7135 meters) and Kun (7087 meters) the highest peaks in the Kashmer Himalya


North and parallel to the Himalya is the Zanskar range which is the main range between the Himalaya and the Hindus Valley.


There was difficulty in breathing necessitating the intake  of paracetamol Mahayana.  Buddhist Tibetan Gumpas Monasteries  dominated the Ladahk landscape.


The guidelines in visiting Gumpas are:


  1. Your arms and legs should be covered;
  2. Remove your shoes before entering a shrine
  3. Don’t drink, smoke or spit;
  4. Never touch religious objects;
  5. Don’t disturb monks during prayer including festival ceremonies;
  6. Never use a camera flash.


The frescos are very fragile.  Maniwalls with saved incriptions and prayer wheels in a clockwise direction keeping them to your right.


Among the Gumpas visited are the Shay gumpa, Tiksi Gumpa, Sankar Gumpa, and Hemis Gumpa.


I witnessed the fertility of the Hindus Valley on our way to see Lake Sudan.  My past experience at the Kashmer airport was repeated.  There was chaos while checking in to the airport as they gave preferential attention to big tour groups and not on a per arrival basis.


All carry-on bags were prohibited to be carried except for the clutch bag to contain your passport and related documents.


Despite the hardship I’m thankful to God for having me visited the place and being allowed to purchase original artifacts.

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