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The prospects of the new millennium for the publishing industry are both exciting and alarming. It is exciting because there are new worlds to be chartered; alarming because the fast-paced technological development might easily leave the publishing industry on its trail. Cyberspace and digital technology are now taking center stage that the pen and paper industry could not afford but to innovate in order to address this challenge.

Exhibits like Asia Publish 2000 are vital to the industry. What better way is there for publishers to face the new millennium than to participate in a complete publishing show where cutting-edge innovations and technology are featured?

On behalf of the private sector, I would like to congratulate TIME, Inc. for rounding up leaders and players of the publishing industry and providing a venue whereby each may share and learn ideas that shall redound to the development of the industry. Asia Publish 2000 will go down in history as one of the first significant activities for the growth of the publishing industry in the 21st century.

Philippine Educational Publishers
Association (PEPA)

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