Speech on the Occasion of the Birthday Party at the Makati Shangrila


C.6 As travel oftentimes are difficult as it would require the concurrence of three (3) things namely time, money and health it is customary to purchase souvenirs to serve as trophies of every travel;


C.6.1 My house is replete with these souvenirs and because of the overflow I was constrained to put up the Book Museum in Marikina and Display Area in Tanza, Cavite;


C.7 Being the PEPA President it helped me to contribute to the advocacy of causing the passage of the law called the Book Publishing Industry Development Act or RA 8047 which considered the book publishing industry as necessitating priority incentives like tax exemptions, etc. although some of the procedural provisions on government textbook purchase are still to be implemented;


C.7.1 I was privileged to be appointed by President Fidel Ramos as a member of the Board of the National Book Development Board (NBDB) and was subsequently elected to become its First Chairman;


Note: May I take this opportunity to give recognition to Congressman Antonio Cerilles together with the Aquila Legis Brods who were then seated in Congress, to Congressman Rufus Rodriguez and Atty. Dascil and to Senator Shahani sister of Pres. Ramos for their indispensable roles in causing the passage of the law;


To PAPI President and erstwhile NBDB Governor Juan Dayang for elucidating the provisions of the Book Act in the regions and provinces;


May I take also this opportunity to give recognition to the incumbent NBDB Chairman Nena Sta Romana and the NBDB Governors and Mrs. Socorro Ramos for being considered the mother of the book industry?


C.8 This development provided me with the opportunity to cause the formation of the Book Publishing Federation of the Philbook which could serve as the umbrella organization to implement the provisions of RA 8047 and the ertswhile Book Exporters Association of the Philippines;


Note: May I give recognition to PEPA President Toots Policarpio, NBSAP President Florinia Espiritu Santo, PBAI President Bing De Jesus and myself as Philbook Chairman as the ones that comprise now the Executive Committee of Philbook?


May I give recognition to the Book Development Association of the Philippines presently(BDAP) being led by Lirio Sandoval for being one of the stronger pillars in the industry who has been the sponsor of the yearly Bookfair.


C.9 After lapse of my incumbency at PEPA I was elevated to the position of President Emeritus and concurrently Chairman of the Legislative and International Affairs;


C.10 After serving as NBDB Chairman for six (6) years I formed the party list AKLAT which actually received high numerical votation but was disqualified as per ruling of the Supreme Court upon petition of Sanlakas that AKLAT is not a marginalized entity;


C.11 Thereafter I was requested by then Philippine Printing Technical Foundation (PPTF) PP, President Emeritus, Secretary General of the League of Councilors Benny Brizuela to prepare the draft of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Forum for the Asia Pacific Graphic Arts Technology or FAGAT (which is now renamed FAPGA) where I was later admitted to be a PPTF member, and then an officer ;


C.11.1 I am proud to announce that I was elected to be PPTF President for the Third Term or another two years in addition to the preceding four year term with the initial endorsement from PE Brizuela;


NOTE: May I give recognition to PE Brizuela and of course to the PPTF Members and Staff present here for the first endorsement and the trust and confidence reposed.


C.12 Recently I was elected as the Acting President of the ASEAN Print to help implement the regional industry needs consistent with the ASEAN integrated Community;
C.13 Recently the Philippines through PE Brizuela and I caused the approval of the PPTF prepared draft of the FAPGA Constitution and By Laws;
C.14. During the preceding year, the PPTF continued to hold the position of leadership at the Printing Industry Board Foundation, Inc. (PIBFI) which is the umbrella organization of the associations involved in printing and print-related activities;

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