I was privileged to visit Colombo amidst the infighting between government and the separatist forces (Tamil Tigers).


Along the beach, one would notice plenty of dugouts with artilleries protruding.


Despite the warlike atmosphere,  I nevertheless saw plenty of people bathing at the sea while the more daring would jump from a high elevation within the rocks.


I had the opportunity to climb the big elephant stone which has an elevation of 700 meters.


On my way up, I finally saw the famous fresco of a half naked lady featured frequently in travel brochures.  I bought also Sri Lankan masks.


Sensing that maybe I would need to get acquainted to the opposite sex, my tour guide cautioned me not to enter any massage parlor as the masseuses were not really attractive.


He instead proposed to me to meet a really beautiful lady of her acquaintance. We had to go to a very remote area which by land vehicle would consume more than  one and one half ( 1 ½)  hours to reach the place.


I accepted the challenge as we had to traverse several winding and rough roads to finally reach the place.


Along the way, the guide would brag his various encounters with German, Australian, American and other caucasian  girls all of whom ultimately fell in love with him.


When we reached our destination, I sat in the living room for thirty (30) minutes and awaited the appearance of the claimed beautiful girl.


All my expectations became sour when I saw  that the girl had a triangular face, virtually flat-chested, gold teeth and extremely black which may not be my cup of tea when it comes to beauty.


I was prompted to concoct an excuse that I suddenly developed stomach ache necessitating that I should immediately go back to the hotel as my medicines were inside the room.


To neutralize the frustration during the preceding night, I, without the guide, decided to go to the massage parlor for a massage.  I was surprised that the masseuses  were comparatively younger, fresher and more beautiful than the girl the  tour guide was recommending.


I don’t really understand but beauty indeed is in the eyes of the beholder.

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