Travel Report to Assam, India

A.3.1 The person in charge told me that it would be impossible to yield to my request because of the complicated traffic situation in Guwahati and that nightfall would overtake us because of

the distance yet to be travelled (which would be another three (3) hours as only a portion of the two hundred fifty (250) kilometre distance has been traversed ) to Kaziranga National Park and that the tribes would best be seen around the Park;

A.3.2 It may be worth mentioning that earlier in this trip when we were still in New Delhi I was even willing to trade of my original tour to Kaziranga National Park even at a grandiose expense or waste to the Majuli tour as I thought I would be seeing only animals in the package tour I would originally be joining and not the tribes (which include the Karbi, Bodo, Rahba and Miri) where I am more interested to see where the Majuli tour would focus on;

B. On March 4, 2013 we availed of the 0630 to 0730 elephant ride to witness the one-horn rhinos at the Park which was indeed in abundance prompting me to express my thanks once more to God for the privilege of seeing this animal which I learned are becoming extinct because of the high demand for its supposed horn based on the belief that it is an aphrodiasiac;

C.On March 5,2013 we woke up at 0500 and proceeded thereafter at the reception to secure our packed breakfast as we awaited Bodoy to pick us at 0600 for our trip to Majuli Island;
C.1 On our way to the ferry boat that would lead us to Majuli we passed through Jorhat which is the gateway to Upper Assam;

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