2012 Town Hall Meeting


(January 2, 2012 , 8:00AM , 4th Level, REX Printing Company, Inc. )


Good morning to each and every one of you. Allow me to express my deepest thanks to God Almighty for giving sustenance at the age of sixty six (66) going to sixty seven (67) this year to perform my mandate as President & Chairman even in a symbolic manner.
Today marks the start of another year for all of us here in the Company. The year 2011 had been a year of survival and progress as manifested by an overall humble improvement in our business profitability after consolidating all the revenues and deducting the expenditure of the entities under the Rex Group.
As I mentioned in my message during our Christmas Party, it became possible because all of us had our respective contributions no matter how little it maybe. We give recognition once more to the leadership of Mancom under the baton of our COO.


We are now at the threshold of cruising through 2012. I have conveyed my lengthy speech during last Christmas Party where I acknowledged the personalities that brought us to where we are now together with the perceptions on the things to be fine-tuned as follow:


A.Formulation of the appropriate sales strategies of GMD to reverse the downtrend and enhance sales due to the numerous titles approved for government purchases;


B.The need to come with realistic sales targets to rationally allocate the commensurate resources;


C.The need to constantly reduce cost of sales as already initiated without affecting sales impact to attain maximum viability;


D.The need to give substance to the repetitive call of quality, quality, quality while releasing the same at the earliest possible time;


E.The need to approximate perfection on the inventory status at any given point in time;


F.The need on the part of advisors to be transparent in order that mutual help may be provided to gain sales while acknowledging the grant of sales inducements;

G. The need to verbalize if not institutionalize the symphony of learning thrust unless business secrecy would dictate otherwise.


With all our acts put together and with the help of God Almighty ,all our plans could come through. We will not only survive but we will prevail.


Again, let us hope for nothing but the best for each one of us, our respective families, our country and the world at large instilling in our mind our corporate mission, vision and values as they will serve as our artillery to emerge triumphant in our quest for business survival and profitability.


Godspeed. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

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