68th Birthday and Blessing of Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center

Atty. Dominador D. Buhain’s Thanksgiving Message On the Occasion of his 68th Birthday Celebration and he Blessing of the Book Museum Cum Ethnology Museum

(127 Dao St., Marikina Heights, Marikina City March 13, 2013 )


At the outset allow me to express my deep gratitude and thanks for your kind presence despite the remoteness of the location of the venue. I apologize to those whom I failed to give preferential attention in the issuance of the invitation.


A. Allow me to take this opportunity to thank my alma mater the San Beda College (where I completed my elementary and secondary year schooling) through Father Rector Aloysius Maranan OSB for gracing us with his presence on the occasion of my birthday celebration, blessing of the Book Museum Cum Ethnology Museum, James Dean Diner and Ladies Dorm and for celebrating the Holy Mass;


A.2.1 Allow me also to cite with pride that the San Beda College Board of Trustees under the chairmanship of Manny V. Pangilinan recently bestowed upon me the highest accolade of exclusively receiving the Hall of Fame Award for 2013 during the Red and White Ball;


A.2.1.1 Allow me to cite also with pride that during 2012, the San Beda College Graduate School Dean Dr. Cardie Roque gave me the First Icon of Business Entrepreneurial Award;


A.2.2 The accolades I had consistently received recently and last year would not reveal that at the age of nine (9) when my real father died our neighbours asked “What would happen to these kids” (taking pitiful sight at our poor looking appearance)?;


A.2.3 A San Beda classmate in the elementary grades told me when he saw the place where I was residing “Your house is very small I thought all along that you were rich”;


A.2.4 An affluent friend would say to another affluent friend “Let us not invite him anymore he is without money and is a burden.”;


A.2.5 These sad experiences impressed upon me that social acceptance is intertwined with economic standing and that the same served as a blessing in disguise for me to work harder;


A.2.6 I tried to read books on how to get rich which could explain the numerous books in the subject inside the museum;


A.2.6 There was even a point in time when I would do carolling solo with the aid of flattened soft drink caps attached to a bamboo stick so that whatever earning that I would receive is not subject to partition;


A.2.6.1 I was able to preserve the carolling instrument as displayed at the circular transparent table inside;


A.2.7 After completing my basic education at the San Beda College I studied at the De La Salle to pursue Bachelor of Science in Business Administration;


A.2.8 Thereafter I studied at the Ateneo College of Law where I completed the course in ten (10) years because I could not take full load during the second semester which is the promotion period for school adoption;


A.2.8.1 There was even an harsh commentary when a fellow lawyer who was principal of a certain school in Cebu who told me that I was giving a disgrace to the law profession for selling instead of attending court litigations;


A.2.8.2 I did not mind the harsh criticism as uppermost in my mind is that if I would make a sale it would add to my savings thus adding my economic standing;


A.2.8.3 There would be occasion that I would be already hearing Christmas carols while making rounds in Visayas and Mindanao to promote Rex publications;


A.2.9. I am not saying that I am rich but I would just like to express my thanks to Divine Almighty that He had given me enough sustenance to reach sixty eight (68) year of human existence in answer to the question on “what would happen to these kids”;


A.2.10 During the latter part of my life when son Don Timothy and daughter Danda Crimelda entered to the picture I used my legal background to do messianic works like lobbying for the passage of RA 8047 and other concerns for the upliftment of the publishing industry;


A.3 Allow me to express my thanks to the schools represented herein by Mother General of the Augustinian Congregation Sister Imee Mora, OSA and La Consolacion College Manila President Sister Maria Luz OSA for the long friendship and patronage leading to my election as the incumbent Chairman for the fourth (4th) time of the Board of Trustees of La Consolacion Mendiola and Biñan where the relationship started during the past when I made my first sale when at Regina Carmeli through Sister Natalia OSA;


A.2. Allow me to express my thanks and appreciation to Senator Edgardo Angara for heeding the clamour of the book industry for several decades to resuscitate itself from various constraints through the passage of RA 8047;


A.3.1 Senator Angara lately co-authored the passage of the new copyright law which clarified the doubtful provisions of the erstwhile Copy right Law;


A.3.2 Senator Angara is unmatched in causing the passage of noteworthy laws in culture and education and also to the aged like the seniority law;


A.3.3 It is unfortunate that he would leave the Senate hall in view of his aspiration of son to join the Senatorial race;


A.4 Allow to express my thanks to the Aquila Legis fraternity brads at the Ateneo who helped at the House level caused the passage of RA 8047 through Congressman Antonio Cerilles;


A.5 Allow me to express thanks to Mrs. Socorro Ramos, the owner of the biggest book store in the country the National Book Store for gracing us with her presence in this humble book-related activity as any activity of this sort would not be complete without the icon or matriarch herself of the book industry;


A.6 Allow me to express thanks to PEPA Second (2nd ) President Jesus Ernesto or Jess Sibal for endorsing me to the leadership of PEPA during the past fifteen (15) years before I was elevated to the position of President Emeritus;


A.6.1 Allow me to express my thanks to Fourth (4th) PEPA President Agaton Sibal who as the youngest Rotary Governor inducted me to the position of President of the Rotary Club of Ayala Heights;


A.6.2 I am also thanking him for following the ideals of his predecessors who were not hesitant to acknowledge my supposed achievements as PEPA President;


A.6.3 Allow me to give thanks to the Fifth (5th) PEPA President Toots Policarpio who has successfully made inroads to regulate “cutthroat competition”
“cutthroat” competition by forging an agreement with CEAP and lately for proposing a code of conduct among the PEPA members likened to that of the Pharmaceutical Code of Conduct;


A.7 Allow me to express my thanks to Rotary Governor Lirio Sandoval and Chairman of the Book Development Association of the Philippines for gracing us with his presence;


A.8 Allow me to express my thanks Association of Booksellers of the Philippines Pressident Mr. Paolo Sibal for graciong us with his presence;


A.9 Allow me to express my thanks Dr. Edgardo Paras President of the Association of Lawbook Writers who was elected Vice-Chairman of the Print Industry Association of the Philippines Technical which would serve as the voice of the printing industry in collaborating with government;



A.9.1 It was the book of his father Justice Edgardo Paras and is now being authored by him which gave a boost to the survival of the Rex Book Store which served symbolically as the platform on which as Mr. and Mrs. Fontelera stood in the monument created;


A.10 Allow me to thank Atty. Rodel T. Dascil from the Senate Tax Division for gracing us with his presence and his invaluable help to the industry;


A.11 Allow me to give thanks to former Marikina Mayor Marides Fernando who spearheaded the upliftment of Marikina and is being enhanced by Mayor Del De Guzman;


A.12 Allow to give thanks to Robert and Mila Lane who have done great contribution to the preservation of culture in the Philippine by showcasing beautiful cultural products in the Philippines and elsewhere through Galeria De Las Islas, Chang Rong and for providing me with an outlet through which stress is relieved upon seeing beautiful artifacts and other creation;


A.13 Allow me to give thanks to my kumare and at times wrongly suspected of being a jowa Luningning Regala for having the same interest in dancing for yielding to become once more a sponsor ;


A.13.1 Thanks also for giving me always a helping hand to the Philippine Printing Technical Foundation on financial critical situations;


A.13.2 Thanks also to PE Brizuela for respecting my decision not to relax his affiliation and fidelity to PPTF as he is a strong pillar of the association and for making fine showing during our convention in New Delhi where the Philippine delegation was able to give formalization to an otherwise loose Forum of Asia Pacific Graphic Arts Technology or FAGAT and for remaining equitably cooperative to the printing cause;


A.13.3 Allow me to express my thanks to Ayala Heights Village Association for serving as President for five (5) years particularly to Beng Perez for interceding to invite her close friend Mayor Fernando to grace this event;


A.13.4Same gratitude to Yoly Ayson for my constant partner during rigodons and other dance exhibitions and for introducing to me alta sociedad whose beauty remained undiminished likened to that Anne Curtis if not better;


A.13.5 Gratitude and thanks to Manang Viring who has been always there to provide a helping hand on family matters even litigations;


A.13.6 Allow me to express my thanks to my family without whose support I could not be service to the upliftment of the local book publishing and printing industry ;


A.13.7Special thanks is given to Jeanne Marie, Lee, Breezy, Vio, Ryan, Vio, Butch, Noemi, Crystal, Krisvi, Donaire, Bong, Vangie, Juna, Jing and all those who participated to make this event meaningful despite its inherent limitations.


A9.6 Thank you Lord for allowing me to fly.

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