20 February 2003
NBC Tent, Bonifacio, Global City

Fellow Bedans, relatives and friends:


I and my family are truly honored with the recognition bestowed upon me today.  As an average student from Grade 1 to 4th year intertwined with minor academic recognitions in the elementary years and a recipient of loyalty gold awards, never did I realized that I would be given this honor by my alma mater.


After I finish at San Beda, I studied in other schools such as the De La Salle for my degree in business Administration and Ateneo for my degree in law.


During reunions, I notice that not only Bedans are more intimate with one another but they appear to be more professionally and materially successful.  In fact, I came to learn that some of the tall buildings here in Fort Bonifacio are owned by my classmate.  He was likewise an average student.  Another owns the largest fishing fleet.  He was likewise an average student and was even discharged from school because of misbehavior.


These success stories are replicated in practically all my classmates.  There is no other conclusion but to say that Bedans are winners.  Thank you very much.

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