Appreciation and Thanksgiving Night

President’s Message 

Appreciation and Thanksgiving Night
(Sept. 27, 2013 – 7:00 P.M. ,Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, Sapphire B,
Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City)


Ladies and gentlemen, good evening.
Tonight is a very important occasion as we hold our Appreciation and Thanksgiving Night to each and every one of you as Exhibitor, Benefactor and Participant for ensuring the success of fourfold event: the PRINTECH PHILIPPINES 2013 ( which is the mother event ), First ASEAN Printing Forum and Training Program , Printers Forum and Printers’ Night coinciding with the Third PPTF Annual General Membership Meeting with Ideal Marketing and Manufacturing as Principal Sponsor amidst obstacles like inclement weather.


Allow me to reiterate my appreciations and congratulations to the President Emeritus and First Vice-President or Vice-President for Internal Affairs Mr. Benito J. Brizuela as the Chairman of PRINTECH 2013 for working extremely hard notably for three(3) months of laborious and continued pursuit to bring about the success of this mother event.
(Can we give him a round of applause.)


We give acknowledgement to the indispensable support of its Vice-Chairman Past President Chairperson of Domestic Exhibit and Alliance George Lora and Event Coordinator Ming Noguera and on certain critical occasions with the support of Members of the Board including myself Pres. Buhain, Treas. Chiu, Aud.Liwanag, Trustee Sitjar and the rest. Can we give them applause.


From a historical perspective, based on information relayed, PRINTECH PHILIPPINES under the joint participation of PPTF and PIAP had been an ongoing event from 2005 to 2007.


In 2008, PPTF conveyed to PIAP that it would temporarily not participate for that year. This was due to an international event called FAGAT wherein the Philippines through PPTF would act as host for that year.


It was erroneously misconstrued, however, that PPTF was permanently withdrawing from the joint relationship.


Much as we tried to persuade that it was only a temporary and not a permanent cessation of joint relationship, the then PIAP leadership did not yield to the same.


In view of this development, we joined the PRINT and LABEL Show with PCPE with Global Link as the Event Coordinator. Likened to a marital relationship with marital disputes, the triumvirate relationship lasted from 2008 to 2011.


In 2012, PPTF joined the Fiera De Manila, the Organizer of Graphic Expo. Likened once more to a marital relationship with dispute, PPTF once more became a divorcee on 2012.


Prompted, however, by big time suppliers like Copylandia and Norde International who are at the same time Members of the PPTF on the need for the associations to consolidate to have a single show, this initiative gains momentum as most of the suppliers or exhibitors gave endorsement thereto.


I even categorically overheard lately Ideal Marketing and Manufacturing President , Mrs. Regala mentioning that we should have a consolidated printing show.


Considerable efforts have been exerted by PPTF through PE Brizuela and Pres. Buhain and PP Lora to negotiate for the realization by inviting PIAP who under its present leadership was amenable but due to technicality the aspiration did not materialize this year.


Due to uncertainty and dillydallying PPTF was compelled to pursue independently with PRINTECH 2013. PE Brizuela was heard to have said to the Board that the suppliers’ aspiration for consolidation must be given realization even if we have to plea.


We are hopeful that PIAP would be able to address this minor obstacle militating against unity and even hopefully with PCPE to finally adopt a win-win situation for the suppliers and the stakeholders.


May I take this opportunity to announce the success of the First Printing Forum and Training Program as gauged from the participation and feedback gathered through the evaluation sheets and lastly but more importantly to the Benefactors through Ideal Marketing, Copylandia, Goss International, Norde International, Canon Marketing, Adao Enterprises, NAPPCO, Foremost, Triplex for allowing us to hold the seminar in the prestigious PICC Banquet Hall II.


May I take this opportunity also to express our thanks to the common classmate of mine and that of Mrs. Regala – Monetary Board Member and erstwhile Deputy Governor Andy Suratos and the President or General Manager of PICC Atty. Padilla who is my neighbor for overseeing that our affairs are held smoothly.


Moreover, the objective for which PPTF was established was to provide technical seminars and training programs to its printer members.


It is customary similar to the big printing event I recently attended in Chicago that seminars coincide with printing exhibits.


This greatly benefits the members of the organization and the printing industry to update their knowledge of their trade.


Not only that, the PPTF wanted to collaborate with our supplier members in showcasing its products and services to the printers. We believe that the success of our suppliers is also the success of the printer members.


Therefore, we urge each and every supplier/exhibitor to work together with the printing organizations like PPTF, PIAP and hopefully PCPE.


Let us aim to hold a one, complete printing show next year for the benefit of everybody.


Before I finally conclude with these pronouncements, with the theme “PPTF Blazes with Red the Road to Unity” for the Printers’ Night, allow me to repeat some noteworthy developments this year:


A.Through the effort of PE Brizuela FAGAT has now become a proactive organization instead of a toothless body;


B.Through the effort PP Lora the PPTF Printing Caravan has made substantial breakthroughs in regionally uniting the industry;


C. The ASEAN Printing Forum with the impending formation of the ASEAN Printing Association has brought a semblance of unity to regional printing in anticipation of the effectivity of the ASEAN Mutual Economic Cooperation to become operational in 2015;


D. The revival of Print Industry Board Foundation Incorporated or PIBFI with PPTF as the Chairman and Chairman Emeritus, Philippine Legal Writers’ Association as Vice-Chairman, PIAP as Secretary General, Paper Trade Association as Treasurer, Greater Manila Association as Auditor and PPTF as Director could likewise serve as the voice of the printing industry for the legislative enactments;


I am similarly reminded of the prophetic pronouncements of Norde International Managing Director Tim Klappe of what he said about the Philippines during the ASEAN training program:


A.Goldman Sachs estimates that by the year 2050,it will be the 14th largest economy in the world;


B.HSBC projects the Philippine economy to become the 16th largest economy in the world, 5th largest economy in Asia and the largest economy in the Southeast region by 2050;


C.GDP growth of the Philippines:7.85 on 1st quarter of the 2013.


Sana mapagbigyan po tayo. Mabuhay po tayong mga Pilipino. Salamat.


President, PPTF

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