From Makassar we took the plane to Palu, capital of Central  Sulawesi  for an  overnight.  I woke around four (4:00) A.M.  for an early walk.


I saw transvestites    wearing women’s clothings trying to befriend boys and men including my old self. I wonder how they could effectively befriend when their appearance were not  attractive.


Along the way to Lore Lindu National Park,  we passed by a cemetery where burial grounds are likened to a Lilliputian residential subdivision. The tombs are smaller versions  with roofs, fences of   ordinary Indonesian houses.


We arrived at the Pokekia Valley where we would be booked for the night.


Notwithstanding the lateness of the afternoon, I together with the guide decided to see the  megaliths leaving behind my travel companion.


Because of weakness due to old age, I was thrown out of the rice field pathways  emersing my entire self many times before I finally saw the megaliths. It took us two (2) hours to reach the place.


The trip back was even more harrowing because of the darkness and the onset of rain. Had it not been for my guide and the farmer  we tagged along (who jointly retrieved me from every immersion), my earthly existence would have already been exterminated.


I never realized until this experience  that ricefields are likened to quicksands  which could cause death. I wonder  what would be placed for such an eventuality  in the paper: “Atty. Buhain drowned in the rice paddies.”


When I reached the  lodging house, I was filled  with mud from face to toe like the creature from the “Blue Lagoon.”


My companion  scolded me with the following words: “I do not want to be  accountable  to your death.” It was followed by a silent treatment.


I realized  that my enthusiasm or passion to see things has  reached beyond limits.


While in bed,  a brownout ensued thus causing total darkness.


Due to a call of  nature, I was trying to grope in the dark  to no avail  causing things to fall off  until my companion broke her silence and told me to use my “cellphone” to serve as flashlight.


The following day was a pleasant day as we witnessed more megaliths at closer distance.


The experience jives with the pronouncement of former classmate  in the person of former Presidential  Liaison Officer Jimmy Policarpio : “Pa-weather-weather lang ang buhay natin,” (The phases in life are always changing.)

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