Chairman’s Message 2013 Midyear Sales Conference and Training Workshop


July 31, 2013, 10:00 AM Subic Holiday Villas, Subic, Bataan

Theme: Anxious to Matter and Building Experties


[Greetings and salutation to guests here.]


It gives me much pleasure to be able to join you today on the occasion of the 2013 Midyear Sales Conference and Training Workshop here in Subic. From the preceding speakers and their respective reports on the general directions of our company, you have all been painted pictures of the various hurdles that lie ahead of us. And basing from your responses, nothing is more eloquent than your heartfelt resolve that, indeed, the REX Sales Team is Anxious to Matter; Anxious to 2013.


I am informed that for the next three days, the men and women of Rex Institutional Sales shall not only submit themselves to the task of apprising each other on the plans and state-of-affairs of their respective divisions, but also to the challenging rigors of undergoing two days of professional development workshops. On this note, I surmise that we do not, in any way, subscribe to the axiom that “You cannot teach old dogs new tricks.”


Perhaps, driven by lessons from the past and borne of realizations from introspection, you have decided, so to speak, to go into the battleground in full gear and armed with the right ammunitions. A quick glance into the modules of the professional development workshop gave me the assurance that the members of the REX Sales Team really mean business in 2013. You want to become better problem solvers. You want to grow as excellent communicators. You want to transform into savvy negotiators, and you want to turn into very persuasive, if not only, good-looking men and women who can bring the competition to its knees.


It has been said that there could be no more fascinating business on earth than that of the business of selling. In fact, if you come to think of it, without salespeople there will be very little progress made in all societies. The fine art of selling is behind every successful enterprise of any kind. And here at REX, we do take the Art and Spirit of Salesmanship to heart.


But ultimately, the salesperson’s character is stock in this trade. Salespeople must first sell themselves. In most occasions, the product itself becomes secondary. While it is true that the value of truthfulness, enthusiasm, and patience are great assets to every salesperson, but when coupled with a great, charming personality, the salesperson becomes irresistible.


So even as I rally you all to your goals, know that I am just as steeped in confidence: my confidence in all of you that you will take every lesson from the training workshop and turn them into your customized armors and arms to help you seize the prize.
Our customers deserve the best books; and we are sending them our best men and women.


Thank you very much and a pleasant day to you all!

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