Chairman’s Message Publishing Convention

Chairman’s Message

Publishing Convention

(February 7, 2013, REX Printing Company, Inc.)


A pleasant day to all!
Thank you for inviting me to be with you today to witness this Publishing Convention!


Indeed, such an event is important to winning our goals and visions as a company! I wish to convey my support for this activity!


Today marks a brand new set of goals and visions for Publishing. I believe, you also have a new set of instruments for winning these goals and visions. I admire everyone’s dint of energy and commitment in helping the Publishing group achieve new heights.


Last year’s theme “Higher, Stronger, Faster” brought the entire publishing group to greater achievements such as meeting tight schedules or deadlines and addressing quality issues. Truly, there is no great achievement that is not the result of patient labor and unity. We honor and celebrate these achievements!


Today, we prepare for another take-off, bringing with us a meaningful tagline “No Fear, No Limits!” Indeed, challenges await us all, given the growing stiff competition in this industry! We cannot afford to take a laid back journey towards our goals. We need to be extra anxious to matter. We need to gain success in everything we do.


The secret behind every success lies on our capacity to use the strength and talents God has bestowed upon us. The greatest challenge in life, however, is to use those strengths and talents despite fears and limitations! Today, we bind all our strengths and talents to beat the fears that we will face and go beyond the limitations that hold us back. You have my support!


The Publishing group is indeed a reservoir of talents. We count on everybody’s contribution. As we move forward to achieve our goals, let us remember that the worth of a person lies not on what he can say, but lies on what he can do to achieve greater things!


Good luck and God bless to the Publishing group!

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