Dominador D. Buhain Foundation, Inc. Projects

Profile of the Dominador D. Buhain Foundation Incorporated


It was incorporated on September 3, 2014.

The following is the present set of officers and directors:

Atty. Dominador D. Buhain

President and Member of the Board

Mr. Don Timothy I. Buhain

Vice-President/Treasurer and Member of the Board

Ms. Danda Crimelda B. Garcia

Secretary and Member of the Board

Leticia Liwanag

Member of the Board

Leduvina Ulangca

Member of the Board

Aurora M. Dungca

Member of the Board



Its primary purpose is to collect artworks and other  cultural items to showcase   the diversity of the culture  of each country or a territory  in the hope that it would bring  bridges of  understanding that would  lead to  peace, harmony and prosperity  to everyone: Filipino and non-Filipino alike;

In view of the high expense of maintaining  a museum or a display area, donation either in cash or cultural artifact which jives with the above-cited primary purpose  is encouraged, appreciated  and would  be duly acknowledged;