First GMM and Ninth Printech Manila 2012

Speech on the Occasion of the First (1st)

General Membership Meeting (GMM and Relaunching
of the Ninth (9th) Printech Manila 2012) at the Club
Filipino on April 17, 2012

April 17, 2012, Club Filipino, Greenhills, San Juan City


Beloved guests, members, officers and trustees of PPTF, greetings and good evening on the occasion of the First General Membership for the year 2012 coinciding with the relaunching of the Ninth (9th) Printech 2012 which had remained dormant during the intervening period since 2002 in partnership as earlier cited with Fiera de Manila.


Times have flown so fast from the time we held our very memorable Christmas Party last year. Noteworthy developments for finetuning with our deepest apology and respect to our erstwhile partner are being made in our quest to improve the financial situation to comply with our noble objective “To develop the Philippine printing industry’s level of the professionalism so that it may be at par with the progressive countries of the world by providing responsive technical services and appropriate manpower training.”


After the lapse of at least four (4) months it is only but fitting to develop interaction to one another and to provide you with update of the developments from within through the activities of the PPTF Committees.


The membership Committee through Chairperson Manny Bersabe is reporting a continuous increase in membership. Now PPTF has three hundred fifty (350) members including the two (2) new members who recently presented their application.


Lately, we visited Cebu City and had initiated the formation of PPTF Visayan Chapter. Although at the outset there was initial reluctance, we believe the PPTF delegation was able to convince them based on the rationalization that a concern emanating from an organized group is more convincing than an individual petition. Moreover, it is impossible to ascertain specific concerns if they are not ventilated through an organized collective body.


On the Website Committee under Trustee and Chairperson Freddie Ileto, during the preceding three (3) months there has been an increase in the number of unique visitors. That aside from the visitor from the Philippines, there are also visitor from China. Ukraine and United States of America.


In the light of this development, it may be practicable to place your ads in our websites as it could be the opening door leading to more business opportunities. The price is Twenty Five Thousand Pesos (P25,000.00) per ad and there is a Fifty Per Cent (50%) discount for first five (5) advertisers. As per record, four (4) slots had already been taken leaving only one (1) more slot for the discounted price.


On the Wellness Committee under Trustee Nonoy Juarez, although initially the PPTF-endorsed participants are less in numbers, the well meaning participants who attended in all sessions would give testimonial that the session could be an important turning point in their lives as they are now predisposed to eat only healthy foods thus substantially losing their weight.


Considering that my staff Breezy Santiago was before unmindful of controlling her appetite, now there has been a complete transformation. Suddenly, she becomes discriminative on the type of food she is consuming removing thereto unhealthy food. Her weight has now greatly reduced. She is happier now. I am optimistic that this will catch up like wildfire with progressively minded companies with health care programs for their staff.


Not to be outdone, I am compelled to emulate what she is doing by eating allowable healthy food. I think I am on my way to reducing my weight especially if I would formalized my attendance to the Art of Breathing course which is being rescheduled at a sooner date. “Everything is gone, without health,” to quote Ernest Hemingway.


On the publications’ Committee, Trustee and Chairman who likewise has been recently appointed Auditor Dante Llarena and Trustee Joey Sitjar are causing the publication and printing of the Frontliner for us. Grafika magazine will be coming out in time for the DRUPA so that the same may be disseminated thereto.


Incidentally, the Committee on Special Project for International Affairs un Vice President for External Affairs Marites Liwanag who is our emcee today reported that forty three (43) members constitute the PPTF delegation to DRUPA.


The Board has decided likewise to change its logo to attune itself to outward looking perspective. I am encouraging the Members to suggest new logos together with an explanation. The same will be decided one (1) month before the PPTF anniversary celebration on July 27, 2012.


On the Ways and Means Committee, Chairman Michael Yao and Treasurer Chiu shall be coming up with this year’s Bingo Social. A Fun Run shall take place this coming July under Fun Run Subcommittee Chair former Trustee Peter Kawsek.


On Human Resource Committee, Committee Chairperson Corp. Sec. Besmonte and Vice-Chairperson for Internal Affairs Camila Kitane are now working on the Technical Seminar series from June 14-16, 2012 on the occasion of the 9th Printech Manila 2012.


Topics like Waste Management, Calibration, Color Management, Flexo and Silkscreen are just among other topics being considered.


Resource speakers like Mr. Auke van der Maulen, CEO of Prodist Asia; Mr. Frits Beurskins, General Manager of Globis, Inc.; Rodolfo Zuniga, Instructor and Technical Consultant of Silkscreen are just among several resource speaker we have prepared for you.


For detailed importation, you can contact our Secretariat and/or open our website at


Print for Excellence Contest shall similarly be conducted under the leadership of Trustee Ileto wherein the winners shall be announced during the July 27, 2012 PPTF Anniversary celebration. The details will be disseminated at the soonest.


We have multifarious things to be done. I am there appealing to all the PPTF members to continue supporting our activities. All of these are for our industry. The printing industry amidst digital challenges will continue to survive and become better because of you.


Let us continue to work in hand to satisfy our primordial goal: To develop the Philippine printing industry’s level of professionalism so that it may be par with the progressive countries of the world by providing responsive technical services and appropriate manpower training.


Mabuhay ang Pilipinong Manlilimbag!

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