Inauguration of the Rex Hall, Baguio City


(Inauguration of the REX Hall, Baguio City
May 26, 2012 at 2PM)


Ladies and Gentlemen: ( Greetings – acknowledgement of guests)


In my capacity as Chairman-President of the Rex Group, allow me at the outset to express our deepest gratitude and thanks for your kind presence on the occasion of inauguration of the Rex Hall under the JJ property and Trading, one of the corporate entities under the Rex Group.


It was several years ago when the lot on which building is erected was purchased. Management is placed at a quandary on what could be the best use of the property.


We availed of the services of the professional group with the named Pilot Consultancy to conduct a study on the best possible use. The study suggest a first class student residence that would conform with international standards.


Citing the origin of the Rex Book Store, which has been primarily engaged in educational material publishing, printing and selling from the 1950’s or a total of sixty two (62) years starting from a bookstore engaged in buying and selling second (2nd) hand books, REX business engagement has always been related with education and students.


We have adopted the slogan “Get to the top with the name you trust. Rex Book Store. You’re booked for success.” It is reflective of our innermost aspiration to come up with the publications that would facilitate the student user’s climb to the ladder of success.


Thus when the study was unearthed of coming up with a student residence that would conform to international standards, we believed that we would have the capability to undertake the same. We therefore sought the expertise of 2CS Construction to come up with a building design that would respond to the study. Among the distinct features of the building design relates to environmental concerns. Ivy green plants would be allowed to creep at the external walls of the building.


We conducted biddings among contractors and constructions was finally awarded to Vision 3000 Builders. It was in the late 2009 that we finally decided to commence with the construction of the building.


We even hired ESCA Incorporated to serve as our Project Manager to ensure construction’s compliance with every specification of the project.


Despite the collaboration of entities and persons with varying expertise, construction was faced with difficulties. Several deviations and alterations from the original design had to be adopted. All these things contributed to the delay in construction.


The completion of this building took us almost three (3) years. The difficulties, however, must now be taken as things of the past and be considered as learning experience. We realize that the total delegation without intervention from the top management is a risky and expensive proposition.


Being someone who is predisposed to inculcate the culture of the locality where a structure is being built similar to what has been done in the architectural designs of other branches, I recommended to the Board the acceptance of a well known Baguio artist who won the grand prize in the ASEAN Art in Bangkok and was named the Best Emerging ASEAN Artist.


He has consistently received honors abroad prompting a well-known Antique Collector Greg Sabado to predict that he would soon be a National Artist of the Cordilleras after Bancab.


He is the unassuming Leo Aguinaldo.


Although the Board and the Consultants were initially reluctant I finally won over them. I would like therefore to express my thanks to interior Decorator Jay Troncales for substantially refining the motif of the place where modernity is mixed with ethnicity.


And now Re Group of Companies through J & J Properties and Trading Corporation is proud to launch the Rex Hall, the premier student residence here in Baguio City. To reiterate, this first-class-5-story dormitory has been designed to conform the international standards to ensure comfort and security.


The REX Hall offers a range of room options that are conducive to study and rest, such as single, double, triple, and loft rooms, gender-segregated to ensure privacy.


It also features a host of modern amenities such as a WiFi network, etc.


Since the safety of the students is our paramount concern, the REX Hall is fully equipped with close-circuit security cameras on every floor, providing 24-hour security. There is also a matron assigned to provide additional care and support to the students’ needs. Clearly, REX has the students’ best interests in mind here at the REX Hall. Through this first-class dormitory, REX hopes that Filipino learners would be able to make the best out of their university experience. After all, with REX, students are booked for success.

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