The homebase is Hothot.  The first day was devoted to visiting the grassland  in Xilamuren which is 80 kms from the homebase.


Due to my fear to ride horses due to what had happened to famous personalities like Enrique Zobel de Ayala and  Christopher Reeves, I just requested the girl travel guide to accompany me to ride a 3-wheeled  motorcycle which would cross upper terrains. After the experience I realized later that this ride posed a greater risk than the horses.


I saw several “obos” which is a pile of stones pyramidically arranged wherein you are required to walk ten times clockwise hopefully to attain good luck.


On the second day, we visited the great sands where we firstly experienced the cable ride to bring us to the tip of the Sun Mountain where we rode the desert truck.


It was indeed a steep upward and downward experiences across the desert sands.


On the third day, we visited Dongshong which is a staging area to                                          visit the Genghis Khan Mausoleum.


In 1954 what was said to be the ashes of Genghis Khan were brought back to this place.


My aspiration to visit Xanadu  where the supposed palace of legendary splendor  as described by Marco Polo in the 13th century was erected did not materialize.


I am nevertheless thankful to the Divine Providence as I was given the chance to visit this part of the world.



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