Inspirational Message -2006 Rex Christmas Party


(Delivered in the course of the Christmas Party of the REX Group of Companies, December 23, 2006, Rooftop, REX Printing Complex)


The year that was is characterized by challenges for the REX Group of Companies. A major stockholder had decided to part ways with REX Book Store, Inc. (RBSI) and REX Printing Company, Inc. (RPCI).


RBSI through the initiative of the Assistant Vice President Don Timothy Buhain has initiated the challenges to break off the monopolistic tendencies in the supply of textbooks which stifled the growth of the local book publishing industry for years and decades now; notwithstanding the passage of RA 8047 or the Book Publishing Industry Development Act.


It is a quixotic battle as it would mean fighting a publishing giant and a perceived erring staff of the World Bank.


Because of that effort, a bill has been initiated in the Senate to decentralize book evaluation into the regional levels.


Through the quality circles such as Product Research & Development Group (PRDG), Market Enhancement Group (MEG), Financial System Improvement and Control Committee (FISICC) and the Operations Improvement Group (OIG) under the relentless baton of the AVP and validated during the midyear and yearend reports in the presence of Top Management, innovative measures have been developed and the desired infrastructure had been laid down to withstand the vicissitudes of business survival as well as to bring about growth in income, though minimal it may be.


Chairman Juanito Fontelera continues to take charge of the financial activities of the Companies.


Acting Human Resource and Development Department (HRDD) Manager Roger John Fontelera with his assistant took the cudgels to ensure the working operations of the HRD Department amidst the resignation in masse of what appears to be a renegade group.


To attain a name in commercial printing, REX Group would endeavor to be an ISO certified entity.


It was also during this year that your humble representation has been given the “Manuel L. Quezon Exemplary Leadership Award” by the Federation of Catholic School Alumni /ae Association (FeCaSAA) through the help of Dr. Edgardo Paras. Likewise, he was appointed to be the Chairman of the Committee to study the Constitution and By-laws of the Asian Pacific Publishers Association (APPA). Also, as the Vice-Chairman of the Philippine Reproduction Rights Organization (PRRO), he is being considered to be the chairman thereof. He caused the revival of the dormant Philippine Book Publishing Development Federation (Philbook) which is an aggrupation of associations involved in book publishing wherein he was elected President and with no less than Supreme Court Justice Artemio Panganiban inducting the officers thereof.


As the host country during the year of the Asean book publishers Association (ABPA), ABPA successfully held a seminar at the Philippine World Trade Center on bridging understanding among Asean through the development of a common language as the basis of growth in regional book publishing.


In Hanoi, through the initiative of the Philippine Educational Publishers Association (PEPA), certain committees were introduced to make the operations of ABPA systematized and effective.


During the recent International Publishers Association’s (IPA) meeting in Frankfurt the Philippines was considered as the pilot country wherein UNESCO and other international body would ensure that our country would have a sustainable book culture.


I continue to become the President Emeritus of PEPA and Chairman of its Legislative and International Affairs Committees. I have been assuming the functions of the President of the Ayala Heights Village Association (AHVA) for my second year now attending to the problems of more than 700 affluent families.


These activities designed to improve local, regional and international book publishing and other endeavors were made possible because of my attachment to REX Book Store, Inc.


It is in this light that I would like to express my thanks to the management, staff and authors of REX Book Store, Inc. and the other components of the REX Group of Companies for this humble recognition as it also serves as a vehicle for carrying the name of RBSI in bringing about noteworthy endeavors.




May I likewise take this opportunity to propose a ceremonial toast to our authors.


Seldom are occasions such as this that the recognition to people whom we consider as the red blood of the organization namely our dear authors, we wish to publicly tell how much you are valued and appreciated by all of us. Without you, no books would be edited, designed, bound, transported and sold for our mutual pecuniary benefits as we trust also that you would give consideration to retrieve us from some accounting doldrums which would be for our mutual benefit.


Thank you for sharing your talent, for being a part of the REX Family and with that I would like to invite everyone to stand-up for the ceremonial toast as a tribute to our authors – for a beautiful and long lasting relationship.

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