After nearly thirty (30) years, I was able to visit the place once more. Casinos including the Venetian MGM Complexes and those owned by Stanley Ho have greatly improved the skyline and luxurious appearance of the place.


The modernity of elevated highways further contributed to its rich appearance. This time I was able to admire the historical  perspectives of the place which include:


  1. Ruins of the Church of Paul which was designed by an Italian Jesuit and built in 1602 by anti-Christian;

A.1     In 1762, the Jesuits were expelled from the place by a military  battalion;

A.2     In 1835, a fire erupted extinguishing everything except the facade;

  1. Kun lam temple (Goddess of Mercy) and north of Barra Hill is the Ama Temple;

B.1   The temple is dedicated to AMA, Goddess of Seafarers which is  known as Tin Han;


  1. St. Dominic Church which could be the most beautiful 17th century church in the area.


Inside the Venetian Complex, the gondolas were not purely manned by Italians but by Filipinos who would similarly render Italian love songs addressed to the supposed romantic couple in the boat.


I felt awkward because the appearance is more of father (if not grandfather) and daughter (granddaughter) togetherness.

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