Opening Remarks for Singapore Math Seminar


(January 11, 2013 , 9:00AM, Crowne Plaza, Hall C)
By: Atty. Dominador D. Buhain
Chairman & President, REX Book Store Inc.

(Address important people), ladies and gentlemen, good morning.


The Chinese scholar Confucius once said, “To know that one knows what one knows, and to know that one doesn’t know what one doesn’t know, there lies true wisdom”. We, at Rex Book Store, know too well the plight of the Filipino students in the field of mathematics. For consecutive years, the Philippines has ranked among the lowest in this subject in the Trends in International Math and Science Study or TIMMS. For instance, the Philippines has ranked 23rd among 25 participating countries in 2003, garnering an average of 358 versus the international average of 495 in Grade 4 Math. This consistent ranking reflects the lack of mastery of Filipino students of basic mathematical principles, and begets the question, “What do we really know about math?” Further reflection would lead us to question if the techniques and methods we have used in the past have been truly effective in enlightening the minds of our students. If Confucius were alive today, he would urge us to reevaluate our understanding of mathematics, and to acknowledge that there is still much that we need to know.


But this much we do know: Singapore has consistently topped international Mathematics tests since 1995. This achievement can be stemmed from their unique mathematics curriculum known worldwide as Singapore Math. Singapore Math espouses that mathematics can be found everywhere; it is based on the real world. Thus, learning math can be understood as a life-long experience. Recognizing the expertise of Singapore in mathematics, Rex has partnered with Shing Lee Publishers, Singapore’s leading educational materials provider, to offer you with Singapore Math textbooks that seek to increase the Filipino youth’s competency in mathematics. Allow me to present to you New Syllabus Primary Mathematics, or Primary Math.


CHAIRMAN PAUSES as Singapore Math AVP is played
(present AVP)


Primary Math textbooks are K-to-12 compliant, follow the spiraling progression approach, and capture the Philippine setting in the examples, illustrations, and scenarios. The lessons feature innovative learning methods that help students learn more through teaching less. As your trusted partner, we are committed to assist you in every step of the way towards making the most of these materials. Hence, we will provide every textbook with a Teacher’s Resource Material or TRM for your guidance, and, we will offer you training workshops such as this one to equip you with the necessary skills for teaching Singapore Math.


Today, we have also partnered with an expert on Singapore Math in the person of Dr. Yeap Ban Har to guide us all on the “Pedagogies of Singapore Math” with the hope of imparting knowledge and insights on the key features of Singapore Math – the Problem-Solving Approach and the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) Approach.


With Shing Lee Publishers’ 75 years of expertise in the publishing industry, and Rex Book Store’s 63 years of being your trusted partner in education, we are bringing together our knowledge and proficiency to develop quality materials that will help Filipino students achieve more in mathematics, and, together with your support, be booked for success.

Thank you and good morning to all.

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