To take opportunity of the holidays, I went  to Cebu City on August  25 and 26, 2008.


Upon arrival, we proceeded to Carcar to buy ampao and other chichiria and thereafter to the other parts of southern Cebu. We firstly  visited Lindogon, Simala whose church  is a center of adoration  and pilgrimage for the miracle performed by Mama Mary.


The church perched on a hill is likened  to a Disneyland  palace where many devotees queue to touch  the image of  Mama Mary. Instead of queuing, we went directly to the church to ask for Divine Motherly assistance.


One of the notices placed therein states that, “any inconveniences being caused is  part of the sacrifice we must render.”


Thereafter we proceeded to Talaga and made a stop at Bolgoon. The church has beautiful ceiling and other unique adornments which are reminiscent of the monasteries in Europe. It’s nice to take note that  Cebu Governor Gwen  Garcia is taking the initiative of encouraging the collation and presentation of artifacts thereto through the formation of a museum.  I noticed also the existence of a fortress  or punta baluarte allegedly put against the invasion of  Muslims. I was told there are many mestizas in the area who come out during festivities.


I asked jokingly Dodong Patrido whether there are mestizas  also in Oslob    ( the next town where Dodong grew up). Mabel said “I believe not,  because Dodong who has none of the features of Caucasean is a true representative of  the area. “   Mabel jokingly said that no Spaniard or European could have visited their town.


It is unfortunate that the beautiful big church in the area  was razed to the ground by a conflagration. The image of  Lady  Purisima miraculously was the only one that was saved. I noticed again  the existence of a fortress.


We went thereafter to Samboan to supposedly proceed to Sumilo Island  which is a resort now operated  by Maribago Blue Water but Mabel  (who is afraid of waves)    discouraged us from proceeding allegedly because  of the   high waves  which I believe are not. I did not object anymore in order for her not to be embarrassed. I took a picture of the façade of the church.


We went thereafter to Ginatian  and to Malabujoc to eat lunch.  We thereafter went      to Alegria, Bedan and Moalboal and took pictures of the church.


In Moalboal, again there was  only the façade of the old church left after it was razed to the ground similar to the Portuguese church in Macao. I realized that Dodong’s wife is from this place. Strange coincidence that the churches of Oslob and  Moalboal which are the hometowns of the couple suffered similar fate.


Thereafter, we went to Alcantara, Dumanjug and Baril. I took pictures of the church and the old houses. I learned  that these places are political bailiwicks of the Garcia’s.


On the following day, I visited the 400 year-old house in Pari. I bought souvenir items from the Heritage Shop.


Thank you Lord for allowing the visit to these places for business, education  and leisurely reasons.



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