PPTF 2nd GMM and 44th Anniversary




Good evening stakeholders, colleagues, associates and friends. In my capacity as PPTF President, which is indeed a demanding position in terms of time to be spent, effort to be exerted and money to be raised in the service of the industry, it is gratifying to realize that we have reached this far and we are now enjoying the festive mood of the 2nd PPTF GMM and Forty Fourth Anniversary under the theme “Strengthening the Core at Forty Four (44)”.


The theme is adopted to express our thanks and appreciation to the past presidents for strongly adhering to the principles for which the PPTF has been organized thus strengthening its core after forty four (44) years of existence.


This GMM would not have been possible without your indispensable support and of course of its officers and trustees and more importantly the support of our benefactor. It may interest you to know that we share certain commonalities.


She is my long time kumare, our business supplier for several decades, shares the same interest, be it on dancing or the places of dancing, though she is more skillful, or watching Pakyao’s fight at the Celebrity Sports Club, or taking multiple tablets for survival.


Starting from a humble beginning and with her feet always on the ground she has attained the pinnacle of success as she tries to reach for more successes. It is only when I became active in the printing industry that I got to know her real successful reputation when I heard for the first time that she was the godmother or ninang of the industry.


We also acknowledge the many breakthroughs in terms of legislative proposals and measures of our guest speaker in the person of Congressman Bienvenido Abante to uplift the welfare of our citizenry especially the disadvantaged, the aged and the impoverished.


The highlights of the intervening period after the First General Membership Meeting on April 28, 2011 are as follow:


A. I attended the 12th Forum of Asian Pacific Graphic Arts Technology (FAGAT) from May 3 to 8, 2011 in Sydney, Australia where I, together with Past President Benny Brizuela presented a final appeal to finalize the formation of Bylaws in view of the inability of the body to come up with resolutions after every general membership meeting.


Whatever bodies of knowledge achieved during past conferences are allowed to be dissipated instead of stabilizing and enriching Asia Pacific region with consolidated resolutions that could have been accumulated during the preceding ten (10) years.


It could probably help explain why this time there were no representations from Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. The new representations are from New Zealand and India.


The other representations are from Australia, China, Japan and Philippines. The next Fagat conference will be in India.


A.1As an offshoot of attendance to this conference, there may be a need to rationalize our printing industry by an appropriate legislative enactment in view of the inherent difficulty of collating technical printing data.


A.1.1 While we may be reporting from our observations the same may not be on a macro-perspective unlike the more definitive statistical data of the other FAGAT-member countries, be it in the appropriate segmentation of the
Industry into digital, web, sheetfed, packaging, publishing and other more credible relevant information for formulation of policies;


A.1.2 I am happy to report that the investment Priority Plan for 2011-2012 has just been approved which includes book publishing and printing.
B. In the course of our interaction with Philippine Center for Print Excellence (PCPE) under President Samuel Uy and Global Link MP Events (Global Links) under CEO Patrick Lawrence Tan in the course of the Davao Manufacturing Technology on May 26-27, 2011, aside from the informal talk with Patrick to which he endorsed that PPTF spearhead the green printing scheme as contribution against global warming, we have informally agreed upon the various roles of the PPTF and the two (2) above-cited entities as follow:


Common Objectives of the PPTF, PCPE
and Global-Link Tie-Up:


  • To come up with activities towards unifying the printing industry.
  • To raise funds that would be able to do advocacy work in furthering improvements in the printing industry (i.e., scholars at TUP, etc.).
  • To be able to provide benefits to printers in terms of providing common mediums/venues for learning new technology in printing, techniques, products, etc. which they can apply in their respective printing presses.
  • To be fair to all suppliers in the industry and put the interest of the industry above one’s self interest.
  • Be the conduit to be able to achive the objectives through it`s events (i.e., Print and Label Expo, Manufacturibg Technology Davao, Manufacturing Technology Cebu, etc.)
  • Provide the manpower services/logical requirements to implement the activities
  • Be the 3rd party link to bring together various organizations
  • Provides guidance to Global-Link on how to approach the printing industry and how to handle the events well related to the printing industry
  • Uses their network in getting sponsors and supporters of the events related to printing
  • Comes up with ideas on activiteis that can be done to achieve the objectives
  • Provides guidance to Global-Link on how to approach the printing industry and how to handle the events well related to the printing industry
  • Uses their network in getting sponsors and supporters of the events related to printing
  • Provides its technical expertize in the printinf industry


On June 27, 2011 the PCPE and Global-Link through Mr. Jimmy Go yielded (using the tenets mentioned above) to the PPTF proposal to come up with Memorandum of Agreement to formalize the joint activities of the above-cited entities at least for the specified activities for the rest of 2011 although Mr. Bert Calaquian of PCPE suggested that they are welcoming new activities that would enhance fund-raising.


It was likewise suggested during the meeting that in order to internalize the roles assigned to each entity there would be additional representation from PPTF on top of the ambassadorial representation of Immediate Past President Rolly Rocha.


C. On July 18, 2011 the PPTF through my representation together with the sponsor Rotary Club of Makati Jose P. Rizal through its President Mayette Casal-Uy gave diplomas on the occasion of the graduation of thirty (30) out-of-school youth on basic printing knowledge.


D. On July 19, 2011 the seventh (7th) PPTF Regular Board Meeting was held at the grandiose and modernistic building of Copylandia owned by Trustee Nonoy Juarez and wife Atty. Juarez. There appears to be a strong correlation between a conducive venue and the presence of numerous attendees.


D.1 It was also the launching occasion of the Wellness Committee under the chairmanship of Trustee Nonoy Juarez. The activity was initiated through a breathing session by Atty. Juarez.


D.2 A big scale activity is being scheduled where the greater PPTF membership and respective families would be encouraged to join.


D.3 The Board meeting commenced with the oath-taking of newly-admitted trustee Peter Kawsek of Apo International before your representation.


D.3.Trustee Peter Kawsek was also appointed Vice-chairman of the Ways and Means Committee under the leadership of Trustee Michael Yao. He also announced that his immediate project subject to the approval of the Board is fun run.


D.4 Another highlight of the meeting was the presentation of the contents of the PPTF website under Chairman Freddie Ileto where listing of the PPTF members classified into printers and suppliers would be highlighted. The website would also facilitate membership application and would be an active avenue for interchange of answer and questions.


D.5 Corollary to this measure to enhance membership application, Trustee Juarez would contribute to this endeavor by gratuitously providing appropriate identification cards for the availment of discount privileges, among others. Relevant update on printing would be given to members.


D.5.1 Membership Committee Chairman Manny Bersabe could not help but smile when he heard of the supplementary strategic moves by Past President Ileto and Trustee Juarez to scientifically enhance membership.


E. We are faced with certain obstacles concerning the Makati lot which include the presence of informal settlers, high transfer tax, etc. Yesterday, Past Presidents Jose Toh, George Lora and Trustee Nonoy Juarez visited the BIR and unearthed that the donors tax has not been paid for.


I conclude my speech by thanking the Past Presidents who strongly adhered to the PPTF principles to chart the course to where we are now after forty four years and to the present membership and officers and trustees who are placed with the challenge to further strengthen the core to enhance the industry.

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