President’s Message

30 Mar 2015

President’s Message

As we draw closer to the conclusion of  my second term from 2013 to 2014 after my first term from 2011 to 2012   as PPTF President, allow me to relate noteworthy developments and other concerns

necessitating improvement or rectification during my incumbency.

On noteworthy developments, they are as follow:

  1. The logo was  changed with the inclusion of colors suggestive of the needed  courses of action to be undertaken to further enhance revenue due to improved training programs;


  1. The color schemes of the Secretariat Area and Library were  changed to attune to the colors of the new PPTF logo ;



  1. From very first(1st) day the undersigned assumed Office as PPTF President,  every PPTF-related development was documented  to give  rationalization on how   issues arise as well as to immediately ascertain  what could be the   remedial or curative  measures that  should be undertaken to rectify issues and concerns ;

C.1 The same is presented to the Members of the Board every Board meeting   and the same is compiled for presentation to the membership during the General Membership Meeting;

  1. The PPTF spearheaded the revival of the defunct Printing Industry Board Foundation, Incorporated (PIBFI) which was dissolved by the Securities and Exchange Commission due to its being inactive for a prolonged period of time;

D.1 Its legal existence was given affirmation when the elected PIBFI Officers took their respective oaths of offices before the Supreme Court Justice  after an election of the representatives of the various associations engaged in printing and print-related activities;

D.2 The PIBFI Officers and Board are represented by the following:

D.2.1 PPTF as the Chairman;

D.2.2 Philippine Legal Writers Association as the Vice-Chairman;

D.2.3 Paper Traders Association as the Treasurer;

D.2.4 Printing Industries  Association of the Philippines with no representation as yet;

D.2.5 Filipino Chinese Printing Association as Auditor;

D.2.6 Philippine Educational Publishers’ Association as Director;


D.2.7 Auditor Marites Liwanag as Executive Director;

D.2.8 James Chiu as Chairman Emeritus;

D.2.9 PPTF Legal Counsel Atty. Kathryn Elemen  as PIBFI Legal Counsel.


D.3 During the  PIBFI meeting last  November 26, 2014 the renewal of membership of SIDGAP through President Coralde  ( with the kind presence   of Past President George Lora whom I understand is the President Emeritus of SIDGAP) provides greater strength and clout  to  PIBFI which has been re-registered  with  the Securities and Exchange Commission  to revive the  heretofore defunct  existence of the PIBFI as an umbrella organization of print and print related associations   after the election into Office of the Member Associations.


D.3.1 In view now of the absence of PIAP representation due to the changing of the guards in view of the recent election at PIAP, the position of  PIBFI Secretary General has become vacant. With the presence of President Coralde during the last meeting  we proposed that SIDGAP occupies the Secretary General position to which we are honored by his acceptance.

  1. For the year 2014, APO-NEDA considers PPTF as  the official  private sector printing association  representative due to “credible leadership” to observe the legality and regularity of bidding processes of security printing and the like;
  2. During the IPEX Printing Exhibit in London PPTF was considered as the recognized printing association in the Philippines thus a printing booth was gratuitously allotted to PPTF;
  3. PPTF was invited by TESDA as the printing association representative during the Awards night on May 1, 2014;
  4. PPTF was similarly invited by the DepEd to provide input on the proper costing of textbooks and other educational materials;
  5. PPTF initiated the formation of the ASEAN Print in 2013 and that on September 25, 2014 the legal existence of ASEAN Print was officially declared with the signing of the proposed ASEAN Print Constitution and Bylaws;

I.1 It was also on  November 30, 2014 in Yangon, Myanmar when   the Myanmar Printing Association reaffirmed their membership to the ASEAN Print thus the unconditional placement of the signature of the Myanmar Printing Association last August, 2013 has been  valid and operational until this point in time.

With this development, there are now five (5) country representations in the ASEAN Print;

Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar.


  1. PPTF through its incumbent President was voted upon as Ad Interim President pending the attendance of more ASEAN Country Representations;

J.1 It was voted upon also that the Philippines through PPTF will host the regional strategic meeting in preparation for the effectivity of ASEAN Integrated Community during March, 2015;

  1. PIBFI is initiating the discussion with the TESDA on the formulation of training regulations with the help of PP Kitane;
  2. PPTF spearheaded the holding of a forum entitled “Press On! Bracing for the Challenges and Opportunities of the 2015 ASEAN Integrated Community to the Philippine Printing and Allied Industries” in preparation of coming up with the printing industry roadmap with the help of UPISSI, TESDA, DTI, PIBFI;

L.1 It was participated in by one hundred eighteen (118) participants which could have become more than the figure cited where it not for the physical limitations of the venue;

  1. PPTF was invited by the PCPE to collaborate in the preparation of a roadmap for the printing industry which was held at the De la Salle University;
  2. The same led to the presentation of legislative proposal submitted to the Senate through Senator Francis Escudero and to the House of Representatives through the office of Congressman Eric Singson;

N.1 The legislative proposal was entitled “An Act Establishing the Professionalization of the Printing and Allied Industries and Establishment of Modernized National Capital Region and Regional Printing Schools;”

  1. The official printing association representing the Philippines in FAPGA is PPTF through the initiative of PE Brizuela and Pres. Buhain;

O.1 It maybe worthy to report that it was PPTF through PE Brizuela and Pres. Buhain that converted FAPGA from a sedentary body into a proactive body  through the approval of the proposed FAPGA Constitution and By Laws  based on the draft presented by the Philippines through PPTF last 2008 and which was finalized on November 13, 2014;

  1. Modesty aside, by accident or design, the humble PPTF with its inherent limitations as of this moment could be holding the position of leadership in the regional, Asia Pacific and local setting through the PIBFI;

P.1 On the local setting, PPTF has interacted with the   following associations either predominantly or minimally with their respective leaders:

P.2   Mr. Tiong Rosario


Association of Paper Trader of the Philippines Inc. (APTP)


P.3 Mr. Michael Yao


Filipino Chinese Printing Associations (FCPA)


P.4    Ms. Edita P. Molato


Packaging Institute of the Philippines (PIP)


P.5  Mr. Alberto S. Calaquian, Sr.


Philippine Center for Print Excellence (PCPE)


P.6  Mr. Jose Maria Policarpio


Philippine Educational Publishers Association (PEPA)


P.7  Mr. Agustin A. Ybud


Printing Industries Association of the Philippines (PIAP)


P.8 Mr. Bryant King


Progressive Association of the Philippine Ink Makers, Inc. (PAPIM)


P.9 Mr. Nestor Coralde


Screen Printing & Imaging Digital Graphic Association

of the Philippines (SIDGAP)


P.10 Mr. Rosendo G. Mejica II


Iloilo Printers Association (IPA)


P.11 Ms. FlorMarie Santa Romana Cruz


National Book Development Board (NBDB)


P.12 Mr. Emmanuel C. Andaya


National Printing Office (NPO)


P.13 Mr. Eladio E. Aviola


Printing Industries Association of Davao, Inc. (PIADI)


P.14 Mr. Eduardo G. Embalsado


Printing Industries Association of Cagayan De Oro (PIACO)


P.15 Mr. Edgar O. Aguila

Interim President

Printing Industries Association of Albay (PIAA)


P.16 Mr. Ramon V. Clavano


Cebu Organization of Printing Industries (COPI)


P.17 Mr. Liro P. Sandoval


Book Development Association of the Philippines (BDAP)


  1. The PPTF with Rex Book Store as the publisher with PPTF as co-publisher is coming up with a book entitled “History of Printing in the Philippines”;

Q.1 On December 2, 2014, renowned international  artist Leonardo Aguinaldo submitted the proposed cover design of the book “History of Printing in the Philippines with former Congressman Kim Lokin writer/editor and PIBFI Chairman Emeritus James Chiu providing the historical perspective.


  1. The saga on the Makati Suter lot appears to be given realization through the kind heart of a member of the Board Manda Iligan together with Chess wizzard Eugene Torre where the informal settlers would hopefully be removed and the  envisioned printing school would be put up;
  2. On November 28, 2014, President Buhain in his concurrent capacity as the Vice-President of the ASEAN Book Publishers Association (ABPA) was given an award   by ABPA  in recognition of his indispensable role in the formation, survival, continuance and progress of ABPA  in pursuing its noble goal of uplifting the industry in the ASEAN region during the preceding ten (10) years of existence to serve as a foundation with which the book publishing challenges of ASEAN Integrated Community 2015 shall be met;

The award was presented on the occasion of the Tenth (10th) General Membership Meeting of ABPA in Yangon, Myanmar;


T. On December 2, 2014 PPTF Pres. Buhainin his concurrent capacity as PIBFI Chairman attended the SIDGAP Christmas Party as Guest Speaker and presided the Oathtaking Ceremony of its Officers at Greenhils UNO Seafood Palace.


  1. During the year 2014 the following have been the dates of the twelve (12) regular board meetings and special board meetings:

U.1 January 16, 2014-First (1st) Regular Board Meeting and Planning Session;

U.2 February 11, 2014 –Second (2nd) Regular Board Meeting;

U.3 March 12, 2014 – Special Board Meeting;

U.4 March 20, 2014 – Third (3rd) Regular Board Meeting;

U.5 April 30, 2014 –Fourth (4th) Regular Board Meeting;

U.5 May 30, 2014- Fifth (5th) Regular Board Meeting;

U.6 July 24, 2014 –Sixth (6th) Regular Board Meeting;

U.7 August 11, 2014 –Special Board Meeting;

U.8 August 20, 2014 – Seventh (7th) Regular Board Meeting;

U.9 September 18, 2014 –Eighth (8th)  Regular Board Meeting;

U.10 October 21, 2014 –Ninth (9th) Regular Board Meeting;

U.11 November 20, 2014 – Tenth (10th) Regular Board Meeting;

  1. The following are the PPTF facilitated seminars with the following number of participants and dates:

NAME                                       NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS                 DATES

V.1 Printing Orientation Seminar                                       9                           January 13, 2013

V.2 Print Cost Estimating Seminar                                   13                           February 9, 2013

V.3 Print Production Management and Operation            5                            March 14, 2013

V.4 Printing Orientation Seminar                                     5                             April 20, 2013

V.5 Print Cost Estimating Seminar                                   5                             June 6, 2013

V.6 In-plant Training Print Orientation Seminar              25                           July 4, 2013

at Phil. Charity |Sweepstakes Office


  1. There are, however, concerns which I wish to make mention of:

W.1 The PPTF seeks industry unification but the same has not materialized;

W.2 On November 7, 2014 the undersigned  had an opportunity to interact with the Malaysia Printing Associations as they declared that all the printing associations would consolidated under one umbrella organization for purposes of meeting the challenges of AEC;

W.3 Committee output needs improvement;

W.4 Attendance in board meetings could be improved;

W.5 Funding is also a problem;

  1. PPTF is, however, grateful for the continued financial  support of the following donors: principally and subsidiarity for 2013 and 2014 which have been accumulated to reach the following amounts:

Ideal Marketing & Mfg. Corporation                                                 P567, 700.00

Fujifilm Philippines, Inc.                                                                     535,200.00

Norde Int’l. Distributors                                                                     360,500.00

Interworld Cre                                                                                                137,000.00

Rex Printing Co., Inc.                                                                         113,400.00

Personal Donation of Atty. Dominador Buhain                                 300,000.00

Grapteck, Inc.                                                                                       60,800.00

Heidelberg Philippines, Inc.                                                                  60,000.00

Hicor Mfg. Corporation                                                                        59,000.00

St. Jude Graphic Design & Services                                                     47,000.00

Printech Graphic Supply                                                                       40,000.00

B & W Commercial                                                                              35,000.00

Citibind Corporation                                                                             34,600.00

Hi-Gloss Lamination                                                                             33,725.00

Book Media Press                                                                                 28,000.00

Triplex Enterprises, Inc.                                                                        27,000.00

Canon Marketing (Phils.)                                                                      24,000.00

Gakken Philippines, Inc.                                                                       18,000.00

Lamco Paper Products Co.                                                                   16,000.00

Apo Production Unit                                                                            15,000.00

MY Trading Printers Supply                                                                 13,500.00

Purity Enterprises                                                                                  12,000.00

Multistiq, Inc.                                                                                       10,000.00

Graphis Enterprises                                                                                 9,100.00

Tri-west Pacific Corporation                                                                   8,000.00

Dane Publishing House                                                                           6,000.00

Foremost Pre-press Supplies                                                                   6,000.00

Greatwall Machinery                                                                              5,200.00

Business World  Publishing Corporation                                                5,000.00

Digitalpress.Com.Ph.                                                                              4,000.00

Rockwell Machine Shop                                                                         4,000.00

New Global Ink Trading                                                                         3,600.00

Business Center Printing                                                                         3,000.00

Golden City Prints                                                                                  3,000.00

C & E Publishing                                                                                    2,500.00

Design Plus                                                                                             2,500.00

U-Bix Corporation                                                                                  2,500.00

King General Machinery                                                                         2,000.00

Western Ink Corporation                                                                        1,700.00

Adequate Graphic Printers                                                                     1,500.00

CGK Formaprints                                                                                   1,500.00

Deeco Paper Products                                                                             1,500.00

Ferrostaal Philippines, Inc.                                                                      1,500.00


Lastly but not the least I wish to reiterate my thanks to all the members of the Board and the Secretariat comprising of Executive Director Cristy Manuel and Cashier Edgar Gomez for helping me in every step of the way to shepherd the existence, survival and progress of the PPTF to meet the challenges of the ASEAN Integrated Community.

Mabuhay ang  PPTF, PIBFI, ASEAN PRINT,  FAPGA at ang buong industriya ng manlilimbag sa Pilipinas.

Merry Christmas and all the best for the incoming year.

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