Remarks on Manong’s Birthday Party

Remarks on Manong’s Birthday Party

(March 8, 2005 Mandarin Oriental Hotel)



A surprise party can be considered as an excusable deception.


Tyong, on behalf of your family and the REX family, good evening and Happy Birthday.


As the anchor and the stirring wheel of the ship called REX, it started to sail when you entered into our lives. With your propensity to avoid the limelight all these years, it is only but proper and fitting to give a special night for you in the presence of the numerous people whose lives  you have touched.


We expect to hear the innermost feelings of some of the people around you. At the outset, allow me to read the letter from one of your children who is now in the U.S. and who could not make it  this time, Dr. Jose D. Buhain.


Dear Tyong,


Happy birthday from your son Peping and daughter  Luz and the grandchildren Lisa and Jack. We are so thankful to God for your recent health recovery.


I would like to emphasize  how lucky we are to have you as our father.

You and mommy are responsible for the kind of life we are enjoying right now.


Our thanks also to the family ,the doctors and the all the people who take  care and pray for you. Our thanks to people who are in  this gathering tonight.


Take care and hope to see you.

Peping.Luz,.Lisa and Jack



As you are now in the company of the family you love, the colleagues you have worked with, the friends you care for. . . just sit back, relax and enjoy the brief presentation.


As I was tasked to do the announcement, dinner would be served in a few minutes.

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