Rex Lodging House and Display Area

Rex Display Area
 Address:     Lot 6, block 5, City view IV,
 :     Brgy. Tanauan, Tanza, Cavite
Telephone Number:     78104696;
Email Address:     [email protected]
Admission Fee:     Php100.00 except senior citizen which
      Would be required to remit Twenty
      (Php 20.00) to gain entry.


Brief Description 
In view of the propensity of the proponent to develop
sentimental attachments on any objects which would come to his possession, it is a display of all the other items
which he has been collecting as gifts, souvenirs, artifacts   and other mementoes which he obtained in the course of
his travels here and abroad and in the course of meeting the challenges of daily and earthly existence;
It is housed in Three Thousand Three Hundred (3300) square meter space. At the front door is a replica of Lolong
which to date is recorded to be the biggest crocodile to have lived under the Guinness Book Record;
The First (1st) Floor houses the Devils’ Collection patterned after that the Devil’s Museum in Lithuania,
the Elves, Dwarves, Fairies and Other Supernatural Beings’  Collection, Varied Types of Transport Collection, Flat
Iron Collection, Screws’ Collection, Tops Collection, Lamps Collection, Shrunken Head, Death Masks and Tantric
Buddhism Religious Objects made of Human Limb and Half Skull as Drinking Vessel, Batman Collection, Books and
Paper Paraphernalia for, by and of a  particular province, Bear Collection, Pinocchio Collection, Old Bottles
Collection, Mermaid Collection  etc.;

Under a separate room are mementos of visits to noteworthy places in the world;
The Second (2nd) Floor houses the Chapel, Angono crafted  “Last Supper”, Angono wood
crafted  “Resurrected Christ’, Angono wood crafted  “Adam and Eve”, Volte’s V Collection,
Mickey Mouse Collection, Marilyn Monroe Collection, Snoopy Collection, Ash Tray Collection, Hand Image
Collection, Mug Collection, Weigh and Measurement Collection, Black Nazarene Collection, Belen Collection, Rotary
and Paul Harris Awards, Abacus Collection, Pipes Collection, Popeye Collection, Ornate Spanish Bed, Life-sized
Photo of a Filipina, Old Barber Chair, Map Moldings of the Philippine Islands with Old Spanish Names of the
Provinces, Katipunan and Spanish Era hats;

At the Third (3rd) Floor are simple rooms for lodging;
At the Fourth (4th) Floor is an open air terrace which would allow one to have an overview of the immediate vicinity;
It has man-made body of water with a gazebo at the center containing fishes;
At the bottom portion of the light blue aviary is the Lucena-influenced twenty (20) seater round dining table and on
top thereto is a space which would accommodate a small garden in an attempt to capture could be the appearance
of the the “Hanging Garden of Babylon”;
At the posterior portion of the lot is a long rectangular display area which displays the
prehistoric rock carvings gathered and purchased from the Islas Gigantes in Iloilo;
Correlative to one half of the length of the rectangular display at the right hand space at the back of the display
area is another space to accommodate the art exhibit area;
At the back of the rectangular display area is a mini zoo which houses the wild pig area, crocodile, lizard, etc.;
The garden is comprised of compartmentalized display areas respectively displaying an old cannon, thick slices of
giant trees, farming paraphernalia, stones used in rice pressing, cage to accommodate small turtles, cage to
accommodate a monkey;

An old “caretela” is somehow elevated through a rounded pebble foundation;
An old Spanish well is one of the features of the gardens together with cement decorations likened to mushrooms
hand painted by nationally acclaimed painter Leo Aguinaldo;

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