Speech during The Kodak Forum “DIGITAL YOUR WAY”


(March 19, 2013 1:00PM, EDSA Shangri-la, Mandaluyong City)


Ladies, gentlemen, guests, good morning.


For 63 years, Rex Book Store has been the Philippine’s trusted partner in providing quality educational materials. Every year we supply thousands of textbooks for our 26 branches and showrooms around the country to meet the academic needs of our over six thousand client schools. As part of Rex Book Store’s continued growth, we have expanded our operations to as far as the Batanes islands, and soon, we will cater to our international clients in the ASEAN region. Clearly, with more and more schools adopting Rex textbooks, and with our distribution network reaching farther and wider than ever before, there is a growing need to improve our production processes of our sister company Rex Printing to match our growth.


In the past, Rex Printing has relied on conventional film plates to produce its materials. These traditional methods were slower since they had to be stripped and manually laid. Materials were fragile and difficult to procure from suppliers. And the quality could not be relied upon since the transfer of images from film to printing plates often produced inconsistent color proofing in our textbooks.


Hence, in order to boost speed and efficiency of its processes, Rex Printing has partnered with KODAK, the global leader in printing technologies. Through the adoption of KODAK’S Computer-to-Plate or CTP Solutions Rex Printing was able to shorten its prepress cycle times, which has lead to considerable gains in cost management and revenue streaming. For instance, KODAK’s Thermal Plates technology has eliminated the need for film and has improved the sharpness of printing quality, resulting to significant increase in plate production. With the help of KODAK’S Prinergy software, the production process has been streamlined, allowing Rex Printing to open its doors to additional commercial opportunities. Also, KODAK thermal plates are more cost efficient since they are more durable, easier to source, and easier to maintain, offering us more savings in return. Finally, KODAK thermal plates comply with health, safety, and ergonomic standards, helping us reduce our labor costs and lessen our environmental impact. Clearly, with these innovative printing solutions, KODAK has set the trend for the future of the Printing industry in the country. Rex Printing is definitely proud to have been an instrumental partner in contributing to this endeavor.


Truly KODAK, with its competent and reliable printing services, has proven to be a name that Rex trusts, just as Rex is the trusted partner in education. With these two companies working together towards the Filipino student is certainly booked for success.


Thank you and good afternoon to all.

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