Speech during the ocassion of First (1st) PPTF General Membership Meeting of the PPTF

Speech of  PPTF President Atty. Dominador D. Buhain on the Occasion of the First (1st) General Membership Meeting  of PPTF at the Sequoia Hotel on April 30, 2015 Commencing at 1800


Dear PPTF Members:




At the outset I wish to express my deepest thanks  to the PPTF Membership  for considering  me  once more as a Trustee and for the newly elected Trustees for   electing me for the Third (3rd)  term as the PPTF President which would now be on my Fifth(5th) year.

The serialized  developments that prevailed during the  preceding Fourth (4th) General Membership Meeting(GMM) last   December 4,2014 until now  April 30,2015which is the appointed  date of the First(1st) 2015 GMM  are verbatimly captured on the printed  compilation entitled  “President Reports from last 2014 GMM on  December 4,2014 to the First(1st) 2015 GMM on  April 30,2015” which shall be disseminated to you during the GMM itself.

Instead of delving my speech on the developments during the above-cited intervening period which may be self-explanatory, allow me to dwell on a very important topic which is a dream for a unified industry corollary to the announcement of the holding of the Printech 2015 during this GMM come September 2015 at the World Trade Center.

It appears at the moment that it is still an elusive dream and yet it is a condition precedent for us to play a vital role in the regional and international commerce as we face the ramifications brought about by the effectivity of ASEAN Integrated Community and other bilateral or multilateral arrangements which the Philippines would be entering into.

The choice of color on every GMM is not devoid of meaning. The ‘yellow” color is chosen as it is the color of the present administration whose fiscal policy admittedly has brought about greater economic strides than previous administrations.

President Benigno Aquino

Secondly, when I was privileged to visit Ovidos,Portugal last month they said that the yellow color resembles the flow of money.

Thirdly and coincidentally, I was able to buy a new barong colored “yellow”; Allow me to cite on one facet like historical evolution of the holding of the printing shows where solidity appears to be missing:

A. From available records and subject to verification, the first Printing Mini-Expo was sponsored by Votra Philippines during the year 1970;
A.1 In 1971 a printing exhibit was held in the presence of W.J. Suter,Hans Menzi with Mr. and Mrs. Harper as some of the personalities present;
A.2 In 1991 a printing exhibit called Printech took place jointly participated in by the Printing Industries Association of the Philippines(PIAP) and Philippine Printing Technical Foundation(PPTF). Its primary purposes were to showcase the latest machines during that time. It has evolved into a major project, a must attend trade show for local printers who intend to modernize to bring forth higher revenue after covering the administrative expenses;
A.3 On September 12 to 15,1993 a printing show was held at the Don Bosco Basketball Court in Makati;
A.4On September 11 to 14,1996 a printing show was held at the SM Mega Trade Hall,Mandaluyong, with then Judge MiriamDefensorSantiago and now Senator as the Guest of Honor;
A.5 On September 15 -18,1998 a printing show was held at the SM Mega Trade Hall,Mandaluyong;
A.6 On September 13 to 16,2000 Printech Manila was held at the Philippine Trade and Training Center(Philtrade)with Rotary Governor Bimbo Salazar as the Guest of Honor and PP Frank Pe,among others, as some of the personalities present during the ribbon cutting ceremony;
A.7 On September 23 to 25,2005 Print Philippines was held at Philtrade with Senator Richard Gordon as the Guest of Honor,John Choa, James Chiu,Atty. Jose AgatonSibaland PPTF Past President Lora as some of the personalities during the ribbon cutting ceremony;
A.7.1 On the same date Print Excellence 2005 took place with a plant visit at the Don Bosco Printing School with John Choa and James Chiu as some of the personalities present;
A.7.2 It was followed by a plant visit at Rockwell with Martin Yabut,John Choa and James Chiu as some of the personalities present;
A.8 On July 21 to 26,2006 a printing show was held at the Plenary Hall of the Bangko Central at Davao City;
A.9 On September 7 to 9,2006 Print Philippines to the exclusion of PPTF was held at the Philtrade;
Note: The non-inclusion of PPTF was an offshoot of PPTF to forego their participation with Print Philippines for 2006 in view of its hosting of FAGAT(Forum of Associations of Graphic Arts Technology in the Asia-Pacific) which is now named FAPGA(Forum of Asia Pacific Graphic Arts Associations) due to closeness of the earlier designation to”faggot” which did not sound well with the Australian counterparts.

It was deemed by PIAP to be a perpetual decision of PPTF not to participate anymore in Print Philippines with PIAP exclusively registering to its name over the objection of PPTF;

A.10 During an intervening year PPTF joined with Global Link and Philippine Center for Print Excellence(PCPE) but the partnership was later dissolved;
A.11 During a subsequent intervening year PPTF joined with Fiera De Manila but the partnership did not stay long;
A.12 On August 21 to 23,2013 PrintechPhilipines 2013 was revived by PPTF under the leadership of PE Brizuela and Pres. Buhain with Philippine International Convention Center(PICC) as the venue;

Note: It was realized that the holding of separate printing shows under the sponsorship of separate printing associations would be impracticable not only from the economic standpoint and convenience of the exhibitors and the visiting stakeholders as the costs of exhibiting and visits are doubled with virtually the same machines being displayed.A.13 PPTF whose aspiration during the incumbency of Pres. Buhain was for unification caused the formation of the following:

A.13.1 PPTF/PIAP Joint Membership meeting under the initiative and sponsorship of Copylandia whose owner Nonoy Juarezwho was concurrently PPTF Trustee was held at the Manila Polo Club on January 2013 with then PIAP President RonySy and PPTF Pres. Buhain participating;

A.13.2 On May 21,2013 PPTF through Pres. Buhain and PIAP through Pres. Sy met at the PPTF Conference Room for the purpose of unification;
A.13.3 On February 7,2014 PPTF through Pres. Buhain and PIAP through President Dong Ybud met at the Club Filipino;
A.13.4 On March 20,2014 PPTF through Pres.Buhain and PIAP through Pres. Ybud met at the Celebrity Sports Plaza but whatever unification progress that was achieved was nullified with PIAP PE and Secretary General John Choa declaring that PPTF should not be allowed to hold printing show as it was violative of PPTF Bylaws;
A.13.5 During 2014 PPTF initiated a signature campaign where substantial numbers of stakeholders affixed their signatures but the same did not push through due to the inability of the suppliers to police other supplier;

A.13.6 This year 2015 PPTF through the 2015 Printech Chairman Brizuela extended its hand but the same remains unaccepted by PIAP;
B. Amidst the saga presented above of alleged involuntary separation,voluntary withdrawal,ejection which affected the desired unification, allow me to present the initiatives undertaken by PPTF:B.1 On June 25, 2014 the PPTF initiated the roadmap study of the printing industry with the help of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), University of the Philippines Institute for Small Scale Industries (UPISSI) and Technical Educational and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Small Enterprises Research and Development Foundation (SERDEF);

B.1.1 On August 1, 2014 PPTF was similarly invited on the deliberation of another roadmap but thereafter the plan to share with one another did not materialize which again puts a roadblock for unification;
B.2 On October 20,2014 PPTF sent legislative proposal entitled “ Professionalizing the Printing Industry and Establishment of the Modernized Printing Schools in the NCR, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao which was accepted by the Senate through Senator Escudero and the House through Congressman Singson;
B.3 PPTF was able to cause the reregistration of the Printing Industry Board Foundation Incorporated or PIBFI dated May 26, 2014 whose objective is to have “an aggrupation of print, graphic arts and industry-related associations under an umbrella organization to serve as the spokesman of the industry not only within the confines of the Archipelago but also in the regional community(consistent with the ASEAN Integrated Community ) and also in the international community for the primordial goal of uplifting the printing and graphic arts industry locally, regionally and internationally”;
B.3.1 Presently the PIBFI is comprised of the following member associations:B.3.2. Philippine Printing Technical Foundation or PPTF;

B.3.3 Association of Lawbook Writers of the Philippines or ALBOP;

B.3.4Screen Imaging and Digital Graphic Association of the Philippines (SIDGAP);

B.3.5 Association of Paper Traders Association or APTA:

B.3.6. Filipino Chinese Printing Association or FILCHI;

B.3.7.Printing industries Association of the Philippines used to have representations during the PIAP incumbency of PP Tansipek and PP Sy;

B.4 During the recent PIBFI meeting dated March 4, 2015 at Timberland Heights San Mateo Rizal, we have listed down the other associations which we would be inviting to form part of PIBFI.
B.5The PPTF under your humble representation was likewise elected as the ASEAN Print Ad Interim President and that PPTF with the endorsement of PIBFI would be holding the Second (2nd) Asean Training Program, Organizational Meeting, Country Reports, Resolutions and Strategic Planning this coming June 20 to 23, 2015 at the Sequoia Hotel;
B.5.1ASEAN Print is comprised of representations from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar;

B.6PPTF with the support of the member associations of PIBFI shall be holding the Printech 2015 on September, 2015 at World Trade Center;

B.7During the occasion of my birthday March 13,2015 PIBFI Chairman Emeritus James Chiu submitted the completed manuscript of the book entitled “History of Printing in the Philippines”;

B.7.1 It is an attempt likewise to diagnose the flaws of the local printing industry.

B.8PPTF “credible leadership” was chosen as private sector representative observer by Apo-Neda in awarding bidding of security printing jobs.

B.9PPTF through PE Brizuela and Pres. Buhain converted FAPGA from a sedentary body into a proactive body through the approval of the proposed FAPGA Constitution and By Laws based on the draft presented by the Philippines through PPTF last 2008 and which was finalized on November 13, 2014;

B.10Recently PPTF has interaction with TESDA for the purpose of seeking accreditation from the latter to be authorized to issue certification of competency after undergoing a particular training course;

B.10.1 Should that scenario take place PIBFI the umbrella body would corroborate with PPTF in training the trainors;

B.10.2 It is short of saying that PIBFI would be the coordinating body with PPTF as the training center;

B.11 Last April 26,2015 the PIADI Multipurpose Cooperative in the presence of COPI invited PPTF to be Guest of Honor and Speaker during its 2015 Annual Election of Directors and Officers during their Luncheon Fellowship Meeting at Marco Polo Hotel where they gave support to the initiatives of PPTF;

B.11.1 It was also an opportune time for PPTF Past President Boy Kitane to give lecture on the training programs being pursued by PPTF;

B.12.1 It was unearthed from the historical narration of PIADI Chairman Lads Aviola that the Cooperative started with a capital of Eighty One Thousand Pesos (P 81,000.00) now it has gone up to Eighty One Million Pesos (P 81,000,000.00) through sound managerial practices and transparency.

C. At the operations level the PPTF Membership Committee under the leadership of Vice President for External Affairs is finding ways and means for the effective recruitment and retention of the PPTF Membership and for the successful realization through effective marketing of the 2015 ASEAN Print Training Program under the Chairmanship of Pres. Buhain and Printech 2015 under the Chairmanship of PE Brizuela ;

C.1 The Research Committee under Secretary General and concurrently Chairman of the Research Committee Wayne Evangelista in tandem with the Assistance to Business Committee under the Chairmanship of PRO KervinValero would like the holding of GMMs to be not only joyous but also as an opportunity to unveil the preferences of the stakeholders to make it truly responsive ;

C.2 The International Seminars and Shows Committee which is now under the Past President and concurrently Vice-President for Internal Affairs with the support of Aud. Liwanag and now assisted by the PP George Lora are enriching and systematizing the travel programs for the utmost benefit and comfort of the would-be participants with the help of Travel Coordinator Ming Noguera;

C.3 The Publications Committee under the Chairmanship of Treas. Llarena would be coming up with a revised format for Grafika to make it truly responsive and income generating while its Frontliner would likewise have an improved format;

C.3.1 Through the help of PRO Kervin Valero it is envisioned also that the Frontliner would be disseminated “on line”;

C.4 The study on which is the best mode to approach the elusive Makati lot like whether or not to dispose the same andto utilize the proceeds thereof to buy another real estate while satisfying the aspiration of Mr. Suter is being pursued byAtty. Elemen and PE Brizuela who is honorably concurrently the Secretary General of the League of Councilors;

C.5 The Entertainment and Technical Committees under their respective Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson Trustee Bersabe and Trustee Palabay are contemplating on how to best serve the desire and requirement of the members through their Committees;

C.6 Deputy Corp. Sec. Besmonte and concurrently Editor-in-Chief of the Grafika and Publications’ Committee Vice-Chairperson Sitjar continue to play pivotal roles in the effective operation of the Human Resource Committee under the Chairmanship of Corp. Sec. Evangelista and Publications Committee under the Chairmanship of Treas. Llarena;

C.7 Trustee Canton and Trustee Yao who are respectively and concurrently Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Ways and Mean Committee are formulating measures for the effective enhancement of the company funds

We wish to reiterate that we need the support of all the other associations and stakeholders to support(other than the committees’ activities) the above-cited industry activities. Whatever small achievements we would attain would not create the desired impact to uplift the industry without overall support of the entire industry.

To reiterate, I am reminded of a comment of a noted supplier when she said ”how can we emulate the grand exhibits abroad with substantial foreign exhibitors and visitors when what we have here are splintered exhibits sponsored by distinct sponsoring associations.”

Thank you very much for the privilege of conveying to you PPTF’s aspirations and dreams.

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