Speech for AECON 2014

Atty. Buhain Speech for AECON 2014


Dear guests, colleagues, administrators, teachers, and friends,


Good morning. It is with great honor that I welcome you to the sixth Annual Educator’s Congress or AECON. For the past five years, we have borne witness to the various trends and developments that have affected all us in the business of education. Such trends include Schooling by Design, and UBD plus DI. These far-reaching changes have had significant impact on the way the curriculum is taught and how students learn, and together as one community, we have been quick to respond to them.


Last year; however, our community faced sweeping changes in the entire educational landscape with the implementation of the K to 12 curriculums. This new and monumental development created a lot confusion and hesitation amongst our teachers, as many felt unprepared for the adjustment period ahead.


As your trusted partner in education, REX Book Store understood the hesitations and needs of the Filipino teacher, whom we believe possesses the inherent abilities and passion for teaching to be the key to the success of the K to 12 curriculum. This has led us to develop transitional learning materials to equip you, our dear teachers and administrators, with the implementation strategies for adapting to these changes. And I sincerely believe that together, we achieved great success. Let us all give our selves a warm round of applause (applause).


This year, as we move forward from the transition to the progressive implementation of K to 12, REX Book Store once again pledges its full support to the Filipino teacher. As the entire education community embraces the K to 12 curriculum in Grades 1,2,3,7,8, and 9, we recognize that not all the available offerings of K to 12 are the same. Since its implementation two years ago, it has undergone several revisions and versions, which have raised concerns in its effective implementation.


Hence, to help the Filipino teacher unlock the full benefits of the enhanced K to 12 curriculum, we have tapped curriculum experts to study and unpack its standards. Through this endeavor, we have developed Seamless K to 12 learning materials that seek to guide teachers in the comprehensive translation of the spiral progression approach. These materials also feature technology enhancements that aim to give teachers a technology boost in their creativity and resourcefulness.


Thus, the Filipino teacher is no longer simply the key to success of K to 12, but now also the Champion of Seamless Integration, or CSI. As we shall learn in today’s sessions by our distinguished speakers from ASCD and Philippines’ very own Dr. Greg T. Pawilen from UP College of Education and Curriculum Consultant Ms. Ma. Rita Ateinza, being champions of seamless integration will enable teachers to fully prepare our Filipino learners with the 21st century skills that they will need to face the demands of the future head on, and become future champions for their country, and for the world.


The Filipino educator is and will always be the champion of education. And we are firmly committed toward realizing this potential. Because with REX Book Store, you’re booked for success.


Thank you and a pleasant morning to all.

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