Speech on the 77th Birthday Celebration March 13, 2022

On the occasion of my seventy seventh (77th) birthday, I am reiterating my deepest thanks to Divine Intervention and Mama Mary through Our Lady of Guadalupe for prolonging my earthly existence after transcending major health challenges.

I am reiterating my thanks to the 3G under the leadership of CEO Don Timothy Buhain with COO Sunday Fontelera, Chief Marketing Officer Jeanne Fontelera and Chief External Affairs Officer Danda Crimelda Buhain for the continuance of the business amidst the continuing pandemic without exercising the right to retrenchment for two (2) years now. On my part, despite unavoidable aging process, I tried to be of help to our business and the industry where it belongs.

During the recent election of the PEPA Officers, I have remained the President Emeritus and concurrently Chairman of the Legislative Affairs and International Affairs Committees.

Through persistent advocacy of Philbook (the acknowledged federation of book publishing and book related associations) to give recognition to the implementation of RA 8047 or Book Publishing Development Act, the DepEd under Secretary Leonor Briones paved the way  for the private sector to supply Supplementary Learning Materials(SLMs) to the public schools for  the Third (3rd) and Fourth (4th) quarters.

Premised on the earlier discussion between DepEd, NBDB and PEPA through President Sibal at Tanza, Cavite at the present time there’s continued consultation between the private sector and government sectors which is the DepEd through the coordination being instituted by the NBDB on the number of pages that would be allotted for a learning competency for a textbook instead of  mere SLMs.

An important development is  that DepEd (through the Bureau of Learning  Resources [BLR] ) is now officially pursuing the preparation of textbooks and not mere SLMs.

In the light of the present  situation of the NBDB due to its wide and diversified mandate for the promotion of Filipino-authored books, understandably the functions being done by the BLRs are commendable but what may be needed to be rectified through a suppletory legislation is  the perceived illegality of its origin.

 Its origin emanated from the erroneously issued  Executive Order amending a Legislative Act which is violative  of the Separation of Powers Doctrine.  In a layman’s explanation considering that RA 8047 is a Legislative Act the same could be amended only by another legislative act and not by an  executive order.

At the ASEAN Book Publishers Association (ABPA) where I remained the Chief Delegate from the Philippines (being one of its Co-Founders), the rotational leadership is now with Vietnam. Last February 22, 2022 the Philippines through myself as the ABPA Chief Delegate was called upon to report on the situation of the   reading situation under the Philippine setting.

I am thankful to Divine Providence that  I continue to hold the position of the Philippine Printing Technical Foundation (PPTF) (although I am now on leave due to allegation of overstaying until the holding of the GMM which includes the election of the new Board 2022 -24) which is now the Chairman of the Print Industry Board Foundation Incorporated or PIBFI. 

On March 5, 2022, however, I received a favorable commendatory letter coming from the Acting President and the Board quoted hereunder:

“Atty. Dominador D. Buhain


Forum of Asia Pacific

Graphic Arts (FAPGA)

Dear Atty. Buhain,

 In behalf of Philippine Printing Technical Foundation, Inc. (PPTF), as acting President together with the Board of Directors confirm that you were hereby accorded an absolute authority to express recognition and continue to perform your comprehensive supremacy in taking into consideration as being the current President of Forum of Asia Pacific Graphic Arts (FAPGA). It is with great gratification to bequeath with you the delegation as a spokesperson and Philippine representative as well on the upcoming FAPGA General Membership Meeting. 

Thank you very much.

Respectfully yours,

Isidro “Sid” De Mesa

First Vice President

Acting President”

 We are hopeful that this March, the proposed Training Regulations for NC1 and NC2 Prepress would be submitted for approval to the TESDA Board and prayerfully would be  promulgated during the month. 

 It would signal the recognition of the long-awaited government recognition of the industry which has been characterized by divisiveness  among three (3) major printing associations (PPTF, PCPEF and PIAP)

We are happy that  despite the perceived divisiveness,  Rex Printing Company Incorporated (RPCI) (which is a member of both PPTF and PIAP) won in 2021 the Best in Wall Calendar and Best in Magazine in the Print Excellence Award  presented during the PIAP General Membership Meeting.

At the Club Bulakeno where RPCI was privileged to be the sponsor of the Ebook and Coffee Table book, thanks to former Chairman of CHED and concurrently Chairperson of the Ways and Means Committee of the Club Bulakeno   Nona Ricafort, I was privileged  to play the prestigious bit roles as the  Bishop who celebrated the First Mass either in Limasawa, Homonhon or another and Spanish Governor General in Bulacan during the time when the women of Bulacan in Malolos were clamoring for recognition through equality in education.

I consider that the Ebook that evolved through the conceptualization by  Nona  and given realization by Professor Mari Hilario is once in a lifetime authentic  work of art relating to Bulacan which could serve as an important educational tool on a long term basis citing Bulacan which I pray Rex would be privileged to be the publisher. 

I remained the President of Forum for Asia Pacific Graphic Arts or  FAPGA which during the last AGM it was resolved that  the next hosting would be awarded to India.  At this point in time, India through the All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) has accepted the hosting of the 2022 FAPGA Annual General Membership Meeting and Forum.

 I am likewise considered the Philippine Chief Delegate to  the ASEAN Printing Forum.  After the prestigious hosting by Malaysia via online or zoom it is still awaiting manifestation from any other ASEAN country to host the next ASEAN Printing Forum.   The PPTF is contemplating to host the next Forum as one of its projects to at least elicit contents.

On the academic side, I am privileged to hold the position of President of the San Beda University Alumni Association,  Ex-Oficio Trustee of San Beda College Alumni Foundation and an Honorary Member of San Beda Law Alumni Association.

The  new Alumni Office is being renamed “Atty. Dominador Dungca Buhain Office of Alumni Affairs.”  It is envisioned to be the venue of the first (1st) face to face meeting of the Election Committee and the Regular Board Meeting on March 17, 2022.

At the moment until sooner revoked, I am the Chairman of La Consolacion University of the Philippines in Malolos and  La Consolacion Mendiola, and Honorary Chairman of the Integrated La Consolacion Binan and Tanauan.

On the cultural side, on top of the Museums,  I have been elected as the Corporate Secretary of the Museum Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. until July when the new Board would be organized.  My lament is that cultural domains appear to belong to the elitist.  It is unfortunate that it is not cascaded to the general masses thus patriotism, nationalism, love of natural resources or literary Filipino materials have not been successfully embedded in citizenry’s mindset.

Allow me to quote PDI newspaper article dated February 11, 2022 from Ambeth Ocampo:  “A fine example was cigarette vendor in Tutuban hawking his merchandise of Andres Bonifacio’s monument.  When asked by a TV crew to identify the man in his back, the vendor scratched his head, smiled and answered: Di po ako taga-rito, hindi ko siya kakilala. I interviewed people in the shanty around Pinaglabanan monument in San Juan and nobody knew what it was or why it was significant.”

As a member of PEPA there have been attempts not to promote that primary and secondary textbook be authored and published by Filipinos.

I have been elected as a member of the AHVA Board and concurrently a member of the Legal Team and Director of the Environment Committee.  I volunteered to chair the committee due to the erroneous mandate of the subdivision owner to install mahogany trees in all parts of the Village.

 They failed to immediately  realize  the pernicious and invasive effects of their roots  thus destroying concrete walls and sidewalks, causing breakage on the glass windows of  cars where their fruits fell off, etc.

I am likewise interested because of the presence of five – hectare lot which is the Rex City in the Forest  which is planted with Filipino indigenous trees.

Incidentally, I wish to express that there is a  lot in Caramutan, Lapaz, Tarlac which was the house of Lolo Asiong and  birthplace of Mommy Jovita Fontelera which is now being occupied by cousin Virgilio Dungca as a usufructuary and that the same   would be transferred to us upon his death.

To give honor and respect to a co-founder of Rex, I am praying that part of  the same be devoted to the  establishment of a dignified monument citing  her humble accomplishment  as Rex Co-founder and signifying  that she was born in Caramutan, Lapaz, Tarlac.

I have long served the Board in varying capacity during the preceding ten (10) years either as Director, Secretary, Treasurer or President where invariably cases have  been filed at the HLURB thus discouraging me to serve once more.

During the year 2021 AHVA Member Jessen Lee nominated me where due to the absence of other candidates the three (3) AHVA Members who have submitted to be elected should be deemed to have won.   Instead of the three (3) unopposed candidates  being declared as the duly elected members of the Board,  the incumbent Board preempted by appointing other AHVA Members.

In 2022, AHVA Member Jessen Lee again nominated me where I again accepted the same  and that during the election I won fifth (5th) place among the seven (7) directorial slots.  It was at this time that I learned that I was being considered to be disqualified by the Nominations Committee due to a case filed by Kumpadreng Bon Malvar where they secured an HLURB  judgment   sentencing me to a perpetual disqualification thus instead of accepting the judgment I have to make an appeal.

I remained as the  Vice-Chairman of  the Philippine Global Explorers (PGE) as the acknowledged co-founder of the entity. As per attestation from the book “Gala” authored by Dondon Bales,   I could  still  be considered as  the Filipino who has traveled the most number of countries (248) using only the Philippine passport   with its inherent limitations.   I pray that Rex in tandem with PGE would be able to come up with projects that would attain sustainability while coming up with projects beneficial to tourism. I understand that sooner or later I would be stepping down from other positions due to old age but the desire to have a place in the sun may remain with me.  Please therefore bear me.

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