The first true Thai kingdoms (Lanna, Sukhothai, Nan, Chiang Mai and Chiang Saen) arose in what is now Northern Thailand.


After a conference in Bangkok, I went to Chang Mai by air.  It is situated 700 kilometers north-west of Bangkok.  It has three hundred (300) temples one hundred twenty one  (121) within the municipal limits.  Thai King Mengrai (Mongrai) took over the many settlement to develop Chiang Mai in 1296.  He built the original city walls in the same year.


Later in the 14th and 15th centuries, it became part of the larger kingdom of Lan Na Thai which extends as far as Lua Prabang in Laos.


During the period, it became an important religious centre – the 8th  world synod of Theravada Buddhism was held in 1477.


Burma captured the place in 1556.  It was the second time Burmese captured the Chiang Mai Province.  Earlier King Anawrahta ruled it in the 11th century for 200 years.


In 1775, it  was recaptured by the Thai under King Taksin who appointed Kavila who built the monumental brick walls around the inner city.


The old city which we would see now is in the form of square is bounded by moats and walls.  It is indeed scenic.


Some of the prominent  wats I visited are Wat Suan Dok, Wat Ku Tao,  Wat U Mong, Chetawan, Mahawan and Bupparam.


I also visited the night bazaar where the hill tribe peoples  like Akha, Mong, etc. would sell their respective handicrafts and colorful decorated textiles.


Thank you Lord for this wonderful trip.



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