THAILAND (MAE HONG SON) (March 27-30, 2008)

Mae Hong Son is three hundred sixty eight (368) kilometers  from Chiang Mai. It is the most western province wherein seventy five percent (75%) of the  land area is comprised of mountains and forests.


The provincial capital with the same name as the province is adorned by well-placed lake called Nang Jong Khan. Upon arrival  from the plane, we immediately visited Jong Klang Temple providing an overview  of the capital.  We bought souvenirs which have Burmese influence  in the nearby shops.


We thereafter visited the temple beside the lake which is picturesque for photo purposes. We checked in at the hotel. During dinner, a musical rendition was given by two effeminate gentlemen, a singer and a pianist.


We thereafter visited  the night  market  wherein the  Lisu  handicraft and colorful textiles were displayed including the    rhinoceros horn  I bought which appears  to be original but was later branded by our guide as fake.


On the second day, I woke up early to exercise through walking. I walked as far as I could unmindful of the time which made my companion in the person of Atty. Dascil  worried.    He expressed big relief when he saw me approaching as he had already gone to the police precinct and hospital to inquire my whereabout.


After breakfast, we firstly visited the bridge  built by the Japanese  during World War II. Our guide who was effeminate has an eye for orchids as he pointed to us one beneath the new bridge.


We thereafter visited an uphill lookout. It looks risky because of the narrow pathways, strong winds, deep ravines and the absence   of protective barriers.


Our guide once more discovered orchids perched on  the branch  of a very tall tree. I got a souvenir of a leaf of the tall tree locally called tongting   which is the material used  to form a roof. I was told that it normally lasts for three years.


We went thereafter to the spa and had  a good massage. Then we had an elephant ride with a small backseat.  I felt awkward because the other tourists are pairs of  girls and boys or men and women but we  were both males seated very close to each other.


Thereafter, we took a thirty (30) minute ride  to visit the long-necked and big eared Karen tribes. I had to borrow the effeminate  hat from our guide  because of    the stinging rays  of the sun thus  creating  once more a suspicion of our being gays.  We learned that the tribes are Christians.


Thereafter, we proceeded to Pai. On our way we visited the Fish Cave in Tham Pla National Park, a waterfilled cavern where hundred of tor soro   (soro hook carp) thrive.  They grow up to one meter.


On our way to Pai, we saw  the Lisu tribe   selling their colorful textiles. We visited the Lahu  tribe community and finally the KMT  whose descendants are from Taiwan. Lisu appears   to be the most wealthy  as manifested by the concrete  buildings  where they reside.


On the third day we visited  the  Lod cave which appears to be more challenging  than the caves  of  Halong Bay. Against the advice that I would not be able to make it at the Pee Man Cave  because of its  steepness and prolonged uphill climb, I, however, successfully climbed  the same.


I saw at least eight (8) boat coffins amidst the numerous wastes of the bats thus making my   day or trip. Before our flight, we had our facial treatments using mud in one of the hot springs.


On the lighter side, though the trip appears perfect in the presence of a very knowledgeable, helpful and dependable companion who is my inaanak, there are some developments to reckon with.


Due to my inability to sleep early, my companion had an early start and I could hear immediately his snoring in varying tones thus preventing me from sleeping. I would wake him up but he is truly an early starter because he is still young. Thus the ordeal is repeated.    This would culminate with a large gaseous explosion after breakfast which traverses walls.  Joke only.


Thank you Lord for the experience.

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