THANK YOU MESSAGE (76th Birthday Celebration, March 13, 2021)

Thank you very much for the greetings.

Amidst the pandemic, we are thankful to Divine Providence for somehow allowing us to gather through zoom or online to somehow celebrate my seventy sixth (76th) birthday.

Expression of thanks is further heightened amidst the present backdrop where thousands  and  thousands of close and  distant acquaintances have relinquished their earthly existence which include at least eighty (80) Bedans for the preceding year.  We are thankful to the Divine Providence for the present blissful existence.

We pray also  that we would be able to undergo successful vaccinations.

Amidst the closure of innumerable establishments and massive retrenchment of associates, it was righteous on the part of Top Management not to retrench associates at least during the preceding year because of the belief that through prayers   and empathy we would be sustained and protected.

Through mysterious miraculous ways some of our products like Schoology, Law and Rex International including our printing capability  have kept us afloat.

I am also hopeful and prayerful that the participation of the private sector in  the supply of materials to the public school would be given realization (which has been denied from the private sector  for the preceding twenty five (25) years from the time RA 8047 or the Book Publishing Development Act was passed into a law in June, 1995).  Our aspiration is prayerfully being given realization as  fourteen (14) of the twenty three (23) entries we have submitted have been conditionally accepted  to participate in the Four Billion Peso (P4,000,000,000.00) allocations.

I am thankful to the Management which is actively pursued by the Third (3rd) generation  under the leadership of the CEO and my oversight direction and other layers of Management  and more importantly to all the other Associates who have been at the forefront in combating the challenges of survival.

I am thankful that the Bufon Group has been cooperative  and collaborative to one  another to keep alive the family values laid down  by Juanito and Jovita Fontelera. 

The long commenced preparation of the  Family Constitution and Bylaws is now due for acceptance by the members of the Bufon family.

Incidentally, I am also launching a book on the occasion of my 76th birthday entitled “On the Life and Travels of Atty. Dominador D. Buhain” comprising of excerpts from the book “Explore the Next Level” which is due for release in Australia (wherein I was considered to be one of the top twenty (20) Filipino travelers of the world) published by Rex Book Store which is priced at P 1,300.00.  Sana po ay mabili. 

Sana as I move forward with the help of Divine Providence, I can tell the world that I have complied with three (3) fundamental aspirations for immortality, namely:

1) caused the birth of a son;

2) planted a tree; and

3) wrote a book. Marami pong salamat.

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