The In-Service Author’s Training (INSAT)

Message During The In-Service Author’s Training (INSAT)

May 25, 2002


Good morning to all of you, and in behalf of the REX Group of Companies, I welcome you all (or thank you all for being here today) to this morning’s In Service Authors Training (INSAT).This is an activity we hold yearly, towards the start of the school year, to prepare our authors for the large scale seminar where they will play a key-role as lecturers, trainors, facilitators in certain regions of the country.


REX Book Store, Inc. is proud of the role that our authors play in providing in service training to teacher-participants in these seminars. During the last three years, they have discussed issues and trends in education such as: the various strategies in teaching and learning in the different subject areas or disciplines in Basic Education; the theory of multiple intelligences and learning styles, and for this year the theme new dimensions in teaching and learning in the Restructured Basic Education Curriculum Package.


This, of course, is the hottest issue in education today. Even non-educators have put in their 2-cents worth of ideas for or against it. I am not an educator but a publisher. I will leave discussions on the new curriculum to the experts. As publisher, REX Book Store gladly and seriously supports education with effective and updated instructional materials.


I am happy that we are here today as a concrete manifestation of our desire to keep in step with the issues or the trends – on the whole, new developments in education, so that we can better serve our client-schools with our worktexts and supplementary materials, and even DepEd (Department of Education), with our DECS-approved textbooks, and ultimately, the teachers and learners all over the country.


If education is primarily an agent for social change, then I am sure, we are in this together, so that together we might still see the greater majority of our people live more progressive lives, fulfilled in body and spirit, and proud to stand together with the rest of the world.

Thank you.




Atty. Dominador D. Buhain

President, REX Book Store, Inc.



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