January 4, 2016


I  already spoke lengthily  on the circumstances during the immediately preceding year from my perspective during the Christmas Party.

This time we listened on the subject of governance  for the incoming year 2016 for which I endorsed.

Allow me to reiterate that Rex Book Store which started from the buying and selling of secondhand books continues to be assistance in the pursuit of quality education under Philippine setting as well as in the international arena especially with the foreign schools catering to Filipino students  situated in foreign countries.

We wish to reiterate our thanks to Divine Almighty that we have continued  to subsist from 1950 and has exceeded its sixty five(65) years of existence.

Whereas statistical data would provide that under Philippine setting  the family  business  generally subsides once it reaches the third generation  in our case no one would probably contest that  it has further  been strengthened , it has becomemore sophisticated and more diversified during the third(3rd) generation with the presence of high calibered managers  with   the second(2nd) generation at the backdrop.

To complement professionalized management,It is hoped that the qualified members of the  founding  families of the Rex Group should be able to internalize their approved Constitution and Bylaws with the family values which became also the business and corevalues  laid down by the founders  Mr. and Mrs. Juanito Fontelera  with special recognition to  Dominador M. B uhain  the original founder of Rex Book Store  who was also the original incorporator of the Central Book Supplyn as an integral part thereof.

We are fortunate that under the present leadership harmonious relationship prevails.  It is also observed that family tradition is well accepted by the succeeding generations as exemplified by Louie Gie or Lulu Garcia, son of Business Manager Danda I. Buhain ,who was witness  to the initiatives of his uncle who is the incumbent COO Don Buhain with respect to the driving away of evil spirits through the aid firecrackers during New Year.

Harmony in the family and managerial expertise  with the blessings of Divine Providence  are indispensably needed to prolong Rex Group.

Despite my technological limitations I fully endorse the initiatives by Management  to allocate an arbitrary amount for research  to ascertain innovative market trends or keep always eyes on the ball to desires of our clients.

Combined with the predisposition to ascertain the right approach on which technology should be adopted  the tried and tested  wisdom of our comparatively senior assoicates should be harnessed and not be thrown into oblivion.

New markets or business methodology like the go signal to the Rex Printing Manager Liza to pursue on the possibility of entering to the packaging and printing business was one  of the mandates issued during the year end presentations.

In every assembly or interaction cordiality, respect , recognition and observance of protocol  should prevail at all times  in ordernot to cause to embarrassment and  not to abort meaningful  interaction.

With reference to the development of the ASEAN Economic Community,allow me to quote the pronouncements of the Strait Times which is a Singapore newspaper  publication on its  December 31.2015 issue  which states thereto:

Improving connections that make ASEAN people-oriented and people-centered community includes  initiatives and opportunities  that bring people together on  a cultural and individual level,allowing them to get to know one another better.  These range from initiatives that promote greater mobility through the progressive relaxation of visa requirements,multilateral agreements  on the liberation of air services,as well mutual recognition of arrangements,to educational initiatives like student exchanges,the ASEAN International Mobility of Students Programme, and ASEAN studies courses that focus on forging ASEAN regional identity.

For instance ASEAN Member States are promoting the use of the Curriculum Sourcebook for primary and secondary schools to complement their existing supplementary materials on ASEAN.

ASEAN has now embarked on the journey to formulate the Post -2015 Agenda for ASEAN conConnectivity.  It will analyze and address,among others,resource mobilization,including new financing vehicles,and the strengthening  of institutional mechanisms,including the alignment and coordination of stakeholders as well as engaging businesses,mon government  organizations and civil society.

On that light, thank you very much for allowimg me to ventilate my views. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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