Turn Over and Joint Meeting of the 2011 & 2012 AHVA Board of Directors




During the tenure of the 2011 Board, the following events had taken place, namely:


A.Unveilment of anomalous misappropriation which started from 2006 until 2011 amounting to Four Million Two Hundred Thousand Pesos(P4,200,000.00);


A.1 This development brought about the following courses of action:


1.Traditional accounting system shall be revived to have constant reconciliation with the cash on hand and what is on record;


2.The Finance Committee shall come up with studies to further strengthen checks and balance, to draw policies designed to strengthen financial reserves, finetune financial statements to make it realistic such as deletion of accounts which could not truly be collected and other related measures;


3.Due to the complaint filed against the erring bookkeeper and cashier, we have replaced them with new associates;


4.Staff being hired are strictly evaluated and collectively interviewed by the board member themselves;


B.The physical appearance of the AHVA Office and adjacent original multipurpose hall utilized as basketball court had been uplifted to complement the completion of the chapel and multipurpose hall through the initiative of Tony Tan with Fred Chan and Beng Perez;


C.Phase IV Park has been similarly uplifted through the initiative of Tony Tan;


D.Receipt of the Supreme Court final decision against the illegal construction of AHVA Member George Ng after eight(8) years;


D.1 The study which was initiated during the time of Past President Rey Mangilit should be continued by reactivating those who had been tasked to implement the study by Mr. Sawit;


E.During the informal gathering on February 18, 2012 Atty. Marzan proposed the following amendments:


1.The perennial problem of not having a quorum during GMM and the possible curative measures to solve the same;


2.The possibility of changing the date of the election to coincide with the presentation of audited financial statements during the immediately preceding year;


3. The possibility of ensuring continuity of AHVA board members services and stability of policies by allotting two year term for the first four (4) directors elected who would be receiving the highest number of votes and one year for the remaining three (3) directors receiving lesser number of votes;


4.To lessen the rigidity of amending the Bylaws it was suggested that at the succeeding GMM the Board should seek a delegated authority to amend the By-Laws if the two thirds (2/3) vote shall have been acquired by personal presence or proxy. The Board may be delegated to make proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws for approval by a majority vote during the GMM;


5.The creation of a committee that will study proposals to make amendment to the Constitution and Bylaws;


6.The creation of a Proxy Solicitation Committee whose main function is to solicit proxies to ensure that there will be a quorum during a GMM;


6.1In order that the proposed amendments may be attained the desired number of proxies to be attained should at least be five hundred ten (510) or two thirds (2/3) of the total number of members(810) in Ayala Heights Village which we failed to achieve during the last GMM where we gathered only Four Hundred Forty(440);


6.2 As per suggestion of Atty. Clod De Jesus, the above suggestions may be circularized to ascertain the sentiment of the AHVA members.


6.3 When the GMM would have taken place the same may be taken up once more provided that the two thirds (2/3)above-cited requirement either in proxies and personal presence shall have been attained;


7.Cleanliness and maintenance are issues brought up thus the Committee concerned should take note of the same especially the pathway outside Gate Three (3);


8.Notwithstanding the foregoing developments there are, however, concerns which must be addressed to better serve the community;


A.There should be continuity of the presence of staff during business hours of weekdays and also Saturdays;


B.The business hours of Saturdays will now be on a full day basis thus rescheduling and multitasking is mandated to be done by the staff;


C.One of the Directors shall be appointed Administrative or Government Liaison Officer to ensure that the continuity of service mandate is followed ;


D.Failure to observe the continuity of service mandate shall be a ground for the strict imposition of the penalties equally to new or old associates.


I would like to congratulate the old Board for the job well done. Thank you.

Dominador D. Buhain

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