During our tour of Nairobi, Kenya, an English man told me and Ogie of a beautiful blue mosque somewhere  in Central Asia ( likened if not more beautiful than the Taj Mahal).


This gave motivation for Ogie and me to visit the place if circumstances would allow. Luckily, our travel  agent was able     to make arrangements to visit the place. We would be joining a chartered flight  comprised of students in secondary schools from London.


Prior to our trip, I had a misconception that the place  would not be that cold  as it was a part of  Central Asia ( and “Asia” connotes a warm and temperate place) prompting me not to bring    any heavy  clothings.


Contrary to my expectations, it was extremely cold  thus brother Ogie    was compelled to rely  only on his upper  suit to withstand  the coldness as he unselfishly lent me  his sweater until I was able to finally find a colorful loafer  in the public market. It became my usual attire in subsequent  numerous travels  in cold areas as it provided me with psychological get up to aspire to see more exotic places  as the same originated from an exotic place.


The ambiance of the place from my perception is reminiscent of Genghis Khan days  gathered  in books and  movies. I was told it was part of the Silk Route.


The blue mosque as recommended by the Englishman is indeed resplendent  though it needed restorations.


It was my first time to experience Turkish bath. After undressing, I remained in the state of nudity for a long while amidst suppressed laughters as I could not find the place where towels were kept.


It was my first time also to visit a place which was utilized as a harem, providing me with  the idea that the then rulers were privileged as they could  indulge in tension-relieving activities with varied subjects under the noble objective of satisfying a fertility program to propagate the members of the royal family.


I learned also of the existence of eunuchs (who are castrated thus sexually harmless) whose main function is to guard the harem.  I learned also that belly dancing  was a predominant part of their  leisurely presentations.


We went also to Bukhara where I bought an antique clothing, headdress and a small traditional violin measuring about five inches.


While witnessing the structure housing a former harem, I saw several detached tiles (with floral design) disparately spread over the area. I retrieved one of them for  my private museum. I took the same and prayed that we would not be caught  by the custom people during our departure. Thanks to God as it is presently displayed at the museum for a noble cause.


During mornings, when we took the early morning walks, we saw big crows hovering   and landing at our walkways. When we visit public markets, we saw, among others, beautiful and expensive hats made up of young skin of lambs.


These and other things constitute the  once in a lifetime journey.

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