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History tells us that on March 16, 1521, the Spaniards, headed by Ferdinand Magellan, landed on the Philippine Shore to spread Christianity. If you still remember, it is the Cebuano people, particularly Mactans, who fought against foreign aggression. You should be proud of your heritage.


Five centuries after, a Dutch invasion came to Manila, headed by Father Cornelio Lagerway, to teach Filipinos the art of Printing that brought PPTF – 1967. In those times we became better printers along with our ASEAN counterpart


Now I am here before you as your brother printer and as the Chief Executive of the Philippine Printing Technical Foundation with an ardent desire to be your comrade of the industry. I am here to serve and share what we have in Manila. With the mission to share the latest advancements technology has to offer, I, together with a group of officers, am here to spend our precious time and resources, with you.


In the age of globalization, technology is constantly shared. Our counterpart in Europe, America and other parts of the Globe are willing to share these technologies. In Netherland, there is a foundation called ‘knowledge share foundation’. This foundation is willing to share the latest in the printing technology. How can this knowledge sharing be done?


Normally, technology flows towards this association. If you are not united how can they share it with you? That is the very reason why I am here together with my fellow PPTF officers. We are here to help you.


I learned that the printers in Cebu tried to organize in the past, but instead of uniting, it created otherwise. It is sad to hear such news. But there is a solution. If everybody is open and responsive, we can establish a PPTF chapter here in Cebu. I don’t believe that Cebuano printers cannot achieve this unity. It is very easy to achieve, we can still have a sense of cooperation as an organization.


But as an organization, we want to help you in building a unified foundation. After all, we are in the same industry. Whatever happens in this industry will eventually affect us all. With this unity, we are able to build stronger ties and achieve a better camaraderie to cope with the upcoming threat of the ‘paperless world’. Together, with your efforts, we have to achieve this union.


I hope I have not given you any kind of pressure in your decisions. After all, the ultimate choice will be in your hands. Our suggestion is only with the intent of being beneficial to all.


In closing, I would like to thank our Ninang Luningning Regala of Ideal Marketing and Manufacturing Corporation for allowing us to take part in your seminar. This is a rare opportunity that could change the future of the printing world. Mabuhay po tayong lahat and God Bless you all.

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